Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Leaving on June 23rd!

So much has happened over the past three weeks that I don't know where to begin...

But seeing how I am not ready ~ quite yet ~ to express everything that we have personally been going through here, there is one thing I do want to share with you all...WE WILL BE LEAVING FOR CHINA ON JUNE 23RD!!!! That means one week from today we will be on a plane forward bound for Beijing!!!!

As many of you know, I will NOT be posting to this web site while in China. About 9 months ago, I did set up a web site for our Benjamin so I can document anything & everything I needed to about his adoption. You can find a direct link located on our side bar on this blog ~ in case you don't have it!

I truly hope that each & every one of you do follow us along in what most likely will be our final adoption journey to China. I could have never made it this far without all of your support, love, and understanding. Please join us along as we are finally united with our son!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

TA! YEAH!!!! WE GOT OUR TA!!!!!!!!!

For all of you who have been following us along in our journey to our son Benjamin, as of 1:18PM today, we received notice from our adoption agency that our "Travel Approval" arrived at their office! Next step is to wait for confirmed CA {Consulate Appointment} so we can officially book our airplane tickets! As soon as I have our confirmed travel & consulate dates, I will share them all with you here!!!!

Please remember that when we are in China, I or Miss Sara (Love You Girlfriend) will be posting to Benjamin's designated web site! For a direct link, please click HERE!!!!!