Thursday, December 8, 2011

Moving along....

Since receiving our LOA, things have been crazy and moving a lot faster...

As of today, our I-800 has been approved and was mailed off to us...

Once received, we submitted a copy of our approval to our agency along with our DS-230 form.

And we wait again...

Almost there...

We also "discovered" that Alexander has been moved from Hope in Beijing to Show Hope at his SWI in Jiaozuo City.  While I am sure this must be so hard for him to understand, it just goes to show that they know we are coming ~ and soon...

Thursday, November 17, 2011


After eigth weeks + one day = our LOA arrived!!!!!! Still hoping, PRAYING and wishing for February 2012 travel.... Only time will tell.....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{my only} Black Friday Memory...

Seeing how we are still waiting on our LOA to arrive (any day now)...I am trying to keep myself "active" with other things online (and not do as much stalking as I have been).  Anyway, while on facebook today, I saw this message posted to my wall.  It was from my dear friend, Krista G and it goes like this...

"It's Black Friday....(use the first 10 friends on left side of your profile page)"

  Steals from your cart as soon as your backs turned: (one of her friend's name)
  Distract you so they can be first in line: (another friend's name)
  Goes on an on about how everyone is childish: (another...)
  Wants to go store to store: (another....)
  Calls you at midnight to camp out at Walmart for sales: (another...)
  Cries about the long lines: (another....)
  Starts a fight over who got there first: (another....)
  Gets a black eye because they got the last TV: (another....)
 Goes to jail for fighting: Michelle Pompey Leonard
  Sleeps through the whole event:  (and now the last of the friend's names)

Just reading this had me laughing in tears!  Because it is so true about little old me.  Maybe that's one of the reasons why I don't go out on Black Friday or maybe it is because I am usually 100% done Christmas shopping by than (and even wrapped) but the whole Black Friday fun post did bring back on very sweet memory I had with my Grandmother (who passed away in June 2010) that is still making me smile and I so want to share with you all here....

(here was my reply to Krista on her facebook wall)

 "Goes to jail for fighting"  OMW that is so ME!  I guess all I can say is...Thank the Heavens Above I am not one of those Black Friday shoppers!  I can honestly say I only went  once with my grandmother (when I was still living at home & in college) to get my mom "something" that was only a "Black Friday" sale.  For the life of my, I can NOT remember what she wanted for her, but I do remember my Grandmother and I  getting up at the 4AM to be at Kmart by 6AM...laughing the whole time we were there....went to breakfast at Dunkin Donuts...while we waited for my mom to leave for work so we could "hide" her gift we just purchased back at home.  Just thinking about it brings a big smile to my face.  Love you & MISS you so much Gram...."

While my Gram may not be with us/ME anymore, it is sweet memories like this that keep her alive and well loved within my heart!

PS ~ I also remember her and I searching the store for a shopping cart for about 45 minutes and nearly getting in a fight with someone when they tried to take the shopping cart my Grandma had her hands on first.

Monday, November 14, 2011

day 54....

Well today was day 54 of waiting for our LOA....
and after calling our agency this afternoon...
I was informed nothing came in today.
So as this day comes to an end...
I am feeling sad, anxious, and I have truly become a stalker...
stalking all adoption related web sites...
and I think I am wearing out my refresher key on my laptop.
Oh this is maddening...
and it doesn't get any easier.
Trust me...
for this is our 4th adoption since we started paper chasing in the fall of 2004...
and it is not any easier.
Since I know you are all just dying to see a snap shot of our current (and soon-to-be) clan...
well here it goes...
And as I keep telling myself (as Scarlett O'Hara did in Gone With The Wind) "....Tomorrow is another day"

Saturday, September 24, 2011

{{{{{{{{{{{{ ~ LID ~ }}}}}}}}}}}}


We are LID as of September 21st!

Received an email from our agency yesterday with the exciting news! Now we wait for LOA {which from what I am hearing can take up to 2 months...}

Hang on Alexander ~ we are coming!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

starting early...

I have been eyeing up these dolls from Baby Be Blessed for....EVER!

I have been wanting to purchased two of them for the longest for Francesca and one for Annabelle...

I searched all through the Bible to find the perfect verses that symbolizes each of our two girls individually....

And after two years of doing a lot of researching & changing my mind a 1000 times over on which doll to chose for each girl and the perfect verses ~ I FINALLY came up with the choices...


Placed my order tonight for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

I think I am about to pee my pants from excitement!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

way too long....

Hi Everyone! I know ~ I know it has been forever since I last posted but things have been super busy & very exciting around here!

While I won't bore you all with every single detail...I will tell you that we were finally DTC for Alexander David on September 16th!!!!!

After what seems like ~ forever ~ we are HERE once again.

Now we wait...wait for {the next step} LID....

Friday, August 26, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update on Alexander's web site!

Alexander Makes Six

Sunday, May 22, 2011


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Saturday, May 21, 2011

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

{it all started with a month free coupon...}

My baby started taking karate classes about 2 months ago...

Never thinking she would actually love doing it...(seeing how I am very thrifty - the reason why she signed up in the first place was because of a coupon she received {as a Valentine} which offered one month free)...but she does!

Fast forward to Friday, May 13th...

My baby was able to break a wooden board with her left foot {and please note she is right handed}...

And for that big accomplishment...

She advanced to GOLD belt status!!!!!

According to Francesca ~ she wants to take this "all the way" and seeing how she has another 12 belts to go where she wants to go...We'll be taking advancing tests just like this one ~ a lot!

Congratulations my baby girl! I am so proud of you! You worked so hard and take each & every one of your classes very seriously but at the same time just love them! Rock on Francesca ~ rock on!

(this is a photo taken with Master James {one of Francesca fav instructors)

(and this photo was taken with the head instructor, Master Matt)

And since I just couldn't end this post without showing you all some of the fancy moves she learned in just a short amount of time....this one is for you!

and while the photos isn't the best ~ this mama could not be prouder!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Seriously what can be better than getting a few photos of your precious little man who is waiting for his mommy, daddy, two sisters and brother half way around the world!

{just look at that face!}

THANK YOU Jen for making this Mother's Day extra special!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Running Of The Roses GIVEAWAY and FEATURED SALE!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{as promise...}

While I have been going crazy with trying to get our social worker to wrap up our home study report (so we can send it in along with our application to USCIS) for Alexander's adoption...

I have also been very busy trying my best to promote the studio's etsy shop & FB page! So far ~ so good but I have been investing a lot of time into it ~ but I am not complaining for it is something I have been wanting to do for some time now...

Anyway, here are a few photos I want to share with you all of the kiddos! With school almost over, summer will be here before we know it and than it is going to be outside enjoying the sun, beach vacations, weekends away, and just enjoying time as a family!

So without keeping you any longer ~ here they are!

Our weekend with Grandma C and Papa!

(yep that's me trying to round up the kiddos for a photo and while it is not the best photo, I just had to share it all with you because I love the way my Dad is holding onto his granddaughter!)

Now onto Annabelle's 4th Birthday Celebration!

and last but not least...

Something new coming to my etsy store ~ very soon! For details click HERE

Sunday, May 1, 2011



and ~

For MORE CHANCES & DETAILS to get in on these amazing giveaways and sale also click HERE

Let's kick off this beautiful season ~ together ~ one artistic expression at a time!

Friday, April 29, 2011


I have been very busy indeed.

Between Benjamin's 3rd surgery...


Annabelle's 4th Birthday...


The GRAND OPENING of my improved etsy shop and the Studio's web site...

Life has been very busy!

So please won't you all come & join along in this crazy creative world I have worked so hard on over the past few months.

With Much love,

***I do have a ton of photos that were taken over the past month that I plan on sharing with you all within the next few posts!***

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

speaking of names...

Do you know how Alexander David Zhe got his name...

It is really not that long of a story but it took me forever to decide.

Seeing how Keith picked Benjamin James for our Benjamin, it was now my turn...

And within seconds of seeing his face, I said the name Alexander.

Now, I did have a ton of girls name ready for if we got a referral but not one boys...
(even though I knew if it was going to happen it would be another little boy)

So with that said, Alexander got put "on the back burner".

Oh I had other names...Julian Michael, Michael Julian, Theodore Wilson and Vincent Michael, but I just couldn't get Alexander off my mind and seeing how it was truly the first name I {boys} name I thought of and said out loud as soon as I saw his precious tiny face ~ Alexander David {just because it sounds pretty together} Zhe {part of his Chinese name} Leonard it was.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


OK ~ we all have them!

Keith's is Keithie Honey or Babe {and for anyone who has been around us knows these two all too well}

mine ~ well that's an easy one ~ Shelly

Francesca's was Sweet Potato Eater {because we were told she loved sweet potatoes in her referral file which is so not true} so it quickly became Pumpkin Eater {and just for the record she doesn't like pumpkin either I just think it sounds more adorable}

Annabelle's is Tootsie Roll {because she is brown on the outside but sweet in the inside}

Benjamin's is {he has a few} Bennie, Benji and Butch {not sure where the Butch came from but that's what I call him}

Now as for our newest addition...


I so far only have two...Alex and Bubba {yes you read that correctly Bubba - it was what I called him before I decided on a name}

So there you have it ~ our family's nicknames!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

While we are all thinking about Spring coming....

I am still trying to catch up to what's current!

Here are a few photos that we taken this past December when we took the Polar Express to see Santa! We all had a great time ~ despite how cold it was!

Francesca and Auntie enjoying some goodies while we travel to the North Pole!

Look at the precious face! He loved every bit of meeting Santa himself!

Grandma and Francesca!

Oh our sweet & spicy Annabelle!

And last but not least a surprise photo taken of me with my little man! Now the best photo but what do you expect when your husband has the camera!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

{Papa and Grandma C}

This was a photo that was taken at Christmas time when Papa and Grandma C came for a visit! Oh how our kiddos love them so ~ and I do believe my Dad & stepmom are just as smitten with them too!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

{priceless moments to remember with Annabelle}

Annabelle is truly our sweet & spicy little girl!

She is doing very well at preschool (and will be starting PreK this coming fall) and she just loves going!

As I see my baby growing and changing, I just knew I wanted to write down a few things she has said over the past couple of months.

Here are just a few....

{one evening while I was cleaning up from supper, Annabelle and Benjamin were playing with their doll strollers around the kitchen area...and this is what I heard her say} "Come on Benjamin, we have to get to CVS for I need some Fleet enemas and tampons!" {yep that's our house, fleet enemas and tampons about sums it up}

{one afternoon, Benjamin and Annabelle were playing with their toy cars in the dining room area as I was in the kitchen doing some paper work and I could hear her say to him...} "Benjamin, go get that car and Jesus Christ! Benjamin, that one & Jesus Christ!" While she said, Jesus Christ plain as day, I just had to ask, "Annabelle, what did you just say?" And she repeated it all word for word to me. While I knew exactly where she heard that from, I just had to ask..."Annabelle, where did you ever hear about Jesus Christ in a car?" Her reply, "Whenever we are with Daddy and he is driving, he is always waving at all the others car saying Jesus Christ." I quickly explained to her that what Daddy was doing was so very wrong and we should never use Jesus' name in that matter. Once that was over, I called Keith....

~ and last but not least ~

{the other day Annabelle came home with a painting she did at school...when I asked her what it was she said...} "It's a picture of you Mommy! See that's you face, your belly, your legs and in the middle there that's your virginia!"

Oh our sweet & spicy Annabelle! How you showed me how I could love another child just as much as I love my first. For my little shadow who always chooses me! For my BIG helper ~ who is always helping me with Benjamin. And for being the best younger sister to Francesca and an amazing older sister to Benjamin ~ you are truly my mini-me!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What's New & Exciting!

Click HERE and you'll soon found out!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Where O Where...

Have I've been...


And soon you will all know why!

(for those of you who are 'my friend' on facebook, you already know)

I am waiting to tell two very important people in my life the big news before announcing IT here!

They are in Florida this weekend for the big it will have to wait until Monday.

Anyway has it really been since December that I posted?

Oh I have become one of those bad bloggers.

But I am going to make up for that ~ starting now!

Let's see if I can recap the past the 9 weeks...

We rang in the NEW YEAR at Grandma's in NEPA!

We all had a blast during our extended vacation at Disney World this past January!

While at Disney, I decided to purchased into Disney's Vacation Club!

(and yes I am already planning our next trip)

When we returned home {during an ice/snow storm), we lost complete power in our home for four days....that's right FOUR LONG power, no water, no heat, no tv...nothing!

Let's just say by day three, I was NOT happy ~ at all.

We celebrated Chinese New Year this year at home with our traditional meal ~ homemade Fettuccine Alfredo, oranges and olive oil, and garlic bread! I have been making it since CNY 2006 when we celebrated Francesca's first CNY with us!

My mom and aunt came down for a visit for a few days!

Benjamin had his 2nd post-op appointment with the surgeon and Annabelle had he first.

(it is looking like our sweet & spicy Annabelle will be next in line for bowel surgery which part one is scheduled for March 29th)

We celebrated Valentine's day with tons of candy, a few valentines, and a date lunch with just Keith and me!

(oh ya and supper out with the whole family)

As Francesca's home room mom, I have been doing a lot of volunteering at her school and I am just loving it!

I also was able to reconnect with a few good friends over the past few weeks as well!

(Krista, Kelly, Sandy, Sara and Lori - just to name a few)

~ and ~

I was able to help four families by explaining our lives, living with three children with severe bowel conditions!

And last but not least, I finally got Benjamin's paper work all ready and submitted for his US passport.

Yep, that's most of it!

So now that I bored you all with those silly details of our life over the past 9 weeks, here are a few photos of the kiddos that were taken over that time! Enjoy!!!!

{a few photos from our trip to Disney}

High Tea with just us girls at the Grand Floridian....

{Grandma & Francesca}

The girls truly loved it ~ as we {Grandma & me} did too!

Keith wearing all three kddos 3D glasses {just before entering "It's a Bug Life}!

Breakfast with Pooh and his friend!

Mickey & Minnie!

Sleeping Beauty on the Tea Cups!

Did I ever mention to you all how much this little boy has rocked my world!

{with Thumper & Miss Bunny!}

{and my favorite ~ Mulan}

{back to those 3D bug glasses}

Francesca aka Bettie Shorepaddler as the pirate princess
{Annabelle was Kelly Ropewalker but I am saving that photo for another post)

We celebrated Francesca's 6th birthday while at Disney! At first glance I wasn't too sure if I was going to keep this one, but as soon as I saw my mom's face I knew I had to (she is truly crazy about her grandchildren)!

Kiddos with Alice!

And finally I just had to add this one as well! I swear, she just takes my breath away.
So there you have it! I think I am on the road to recovery for lack of posts!