Tuesday, March 22, 2011


OK ~ we all have them!

Keith's is Keithie Honey or Babe {and for anyone who has been around us knows these two all too well}

mine ~ well that's an easy one ~ Shelly

Francesca's was Sweet Potato Eater {because we were told she loved sweet potatoes in her referral file which is so not true} so it quickly became Pumpkin Eater {and just for the record she doesn't like pumpkin either I just think it sounds more adorable}

Annabelle's is Tootsie Roll {because she is brown on the outside but sweet in the inside}

Benjamin's is {he has a few} Bennie, Benji and Butch {not sure where the Butch came from but that's what I call him}

Now as for our newest addition...


I so far only have two...Alex and Bubba {yes you read that correctly Bubba - it was what I called him before I decided on a name}

So there you have it ~ our family's nicknames!

1 comment:

Football and Fried Rice said...

Tootsie roll!?

Especially funny considering her penchant for purchasing fleet enemas at playtime!

She's also your spicy girl :)

"bold" babe never made the cut, huh?