Saturday, March 26, 2011

speaking of names...

Do you know how Alexander David Zhe got his name...

It is really not that long of a story but it took me forever to decide.

Seeing how Keith picked Benjamin James for our Benjamin, it was now my turn...

And within seconds of seeing his face, I said the name Alexander.

Now, I did have a ton of girls name ready for if we got a referral but not one boys...
(even though I knew if it was going to happen it would be another little boy)

So with that said, Alexander got put "on the back burner".

Oh I had other names...Julian Michael, Michael Julian, Theodore Wilson and Vincent Michael, but I just couldn't get Alexander off my mind and seeing how it was truly the first name I {boys} name I thought of and said out loud as soon as I saw his precious tiny face ~ Alexander David {just because it sounds pretty together} Zhe {part of his Chinese name} Leonard it was.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


OK ~ we all have them!

Keith's is Keithie Honey or Babe {and for anyone who has been around us knows these two all too well}

mine ~ well that's an easy one ~ Shelly

Francesca's was Sweet Potato Eater {because we were told she loved sweet potatoes in her referral file which is so not true} so it quickly became Pumpkin Eater {and just for the record she doesn't like pumpkin either I just think it sounds more adorable}

Annabelle's is Tootsie Roll {because she is brown on the outside but sweet in the inside}

Benjamin's is {he has a few} Bennie, Benji and Butch {not sure where the Butch came from but that's what I call him}

Now as for our newest addition...


I so far only have two...Alex and Bubba {yes you read that correctly Bubba - it was what I called him before I decided on a name}

So there you have it ~ our family's nicknames!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

While we are all thinking about Spring coming....

I am still trying to catch up to what's current!

Here are a few photos that we taken this past December when we took the Polar Express to see Santa! We all had a great time ~ despite how cold it was!

Francesca and Auntie enjoying some goodies while we travel to the North Pole!

Look at the precious face! He loved every bit of meeting Santa himself!

Grandma and Francesca!

Oh our sweet & spicy Annabelle!

And last but not least a surprise photo taken of me with my little man! Now the best photo but what do you expect when your husband has the camera!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

{Papa and Grandma C}

This was a photo that was taken at Christmas time when Papa and Grandma C came for a visit! Oh how our kiddos love them so ~ and I do believe my Dad & stepmom are just as smitten with them too!