Sunday, February 27, 2011

{priceless moments to remember with Annabelle}

Annabelle is truly our sweet & spicy little girl!

She is doing very well at preschool (and will be starting PreK this coming fall) and she just loves going!

As I see my baby growing and changing, I just knew I wanted to write down a few things she has said over the past couple of months.

Here are just a few....

{one evening while I was cleaning up from supper, Annabelle and Benjamin were playing with their doll strollers around the kitchen area...and this is what I heard her say} "Come on Benjamin, we have to get to CVS for I need some Fleet enemas and tampons!" {yep that's our house, fleet enemas and tampons about sums it up}

{one afternoon, Benjamin and Annabelle were playing with their toy cars in the dining room area as I was in the kitchen doing some paper work and I could hear her say to him...} "Benjamin, go get that car and Jesus Christ! Benjamin, that one & Jesus Christ!" While she said, Jesus Christ plain as day, I just had to ask, "Annabelle, what did you just say?" And she repeated it all word for word to me. While I knew exactly where she heard that from, I just had to ask..."Annabelle, where did you ever hear about Jesus Christ in a car?" Her reply, "Whenever we are with Daddy and he is driving, he is always waving at all the others car saying Jesus Christ." I quickly explained to her that what Daddy was doing was so very wrong and we should never use Jesus' name in that matter. Once that was over, I called Keith....

~ and last but not least ~

{the other day Annabelle came home with a painting she did at school...when I asked her what it was she said...} "It's a picture of you Mommy! See that's you face, your belly, your legs and in the middle there that's your virginia!"

Oh our sweet & spicy Annabelle! How you showed me how I could love another child just as much as I love my first. For my little shadow who always chooses me! For my BIG helper ~ who is always helping me with Benjamin. And for being the best younger sister to Francesca and an amazing older sister to Benjamin ~ you are truly my mini-me!


Football and Fried Rice said...

At least Annabelle didn't draw your O-HI-O.

I love that fleet-enema-purchasing, CVS-shopping little sassy pants. SHE is what keeps you on your toes (and helps to see you have room to love another!)

Love you!

Lindy said...

Oh, how funny she is. That's what we get for expecting our young children to know so much. I was surprised to read that she was having surgery, since you had written that she doing well. Praying all goes well for your middle sweetheart.

Tina Michelle said...

That is some serious funny stuff there!