Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Finally, I feel like we are a few steps closer to Sofia (but we still have a long way to go).

A few weeks ago...With all the changes that the CCAA has made with their Waiting Child Program (yes, there have been some major changes), our agency has stated that we are to complete an Information Worksheet. It is basically restating information that has already been mentioned in our Dossier. We also must submit a passport photo of Keith & myself and a family photo (can you imagine...I don't have a recent one) and once that is all completed, we will send it in to our agency to be placed in our file until our match is made.

and now TODAY...we received an email from our agency that our Waiting Family Support Package is available for download on our agency's web site. According to their message, this packet consists of of five installments...and this will only be our first. But as you can see that after a whole year, things are finally moving along.

We are FINALLY getting a few steps closer to Sofia!

*Also, I wanted to let you all know that we have not fallen off the face of the Earth. Life here since Spring hit has been crazy with playing outside, going for walks (Francesca is finally loving to walk), riding her bike, playing on her slide (yes, we do need to get her a swing set)...and playing with all the neighborhood kids. It just seems I never have my camera with me, when I should, but I promise, I will try to remember to start taking my camera again with me as I did before. I do have a few photos of Francesca eating a hot on a bun. Now this is a huge accomplishment for us...seeing how Francesca doesn't like trying anything new and usually once she does, she doesn't like it. So hot dog on a bun is a biggie for us! Anyway, check back soon for some photos...*


amy said...

Thanks for updating us. I got the same email, made me smile

Julie said...

Every day is a day closer to your Sofia! I cannot wait to see all of the pictures!

sara said...

Hmm..I wasn't asked for an additional family photo (& I have 100s on hand!!)

Congrats on your recent changes..I about blew a gasket just HEARING from CCAI (about downloading the packet!!) Is this the year!~?!?!

Now I have got to get over to email you! HUGS!!!

Steffie B. said...

Yes...I heard about this upcoming change form another agency as well....I think i will email my SW on Monday and find out what is happening. I'm not sure if this is going to make the process easy or harder. ???? Do you know?

Janelle said...

glad to hear that all is well. I, too feel like there has FINALLY been some action in the adoption world and that when people ask me -- I have a little something to say.

Sue said...

Yeah!!!!! I've heard of all the exciting news from the agency....and you are right - things are really moving along! So hopefully they will keep up the pace and you'll learn about Sofia soon!!! :)