Friday, November 21, 2008


(yes, that's our eating machine!)

Just look at that you think she is happy or what!

Our Miss Annabelle has been officially a "Leonard" as of month today! She is truly a joy and is just one amazing little angel that came into our lives at the perfect time! Looking back I can't believe it has been a month already (where does the time go) and I can't believe how well this little girl has adjusted to life in the Leonard household. Annabelle & Francesca have developed a "bond" (yes, already!) that I don't think I will truly ever understand. It is just so beautiful how everything clicked! (you also would never believe the changes...BIG Francesca has made. It is like she grew-up overnight into this little independent girl and big sister. The drama is not there as it was before and she has a true love and devotion for her sister.) And...even though Francesca did not have any problems with sharing is still not an issue. She shares EVERYTHING with her little sister. They are even sleeping in the same room together and the best part is...I love hearing them chit chat before going down. I always ask Francesca when she gets up what they talked about (since Annabelle is so limited to her speaking vocabulary) and Francesca's response to me is always..."Just some sister stuff, wouldn't understand!" did we ever get so blessed! As again for our Annabelle...she is almost completely off the binki and it was all her doing! She doesn't ask for it and if we don't give it to her...she doesn't complain. I guess she truly does trust us...for I so know how hard it is to get them off that habit and in such a short time!

Francesca posing with her favorite decoration!

(she so loves this Nutcracker...and the ballet!)

(she just takes my breath away!)

Artist hard at work!


Jill said...

I am so happy to hear things are going so well! (A little jealous maybe too, LOL. Will Lucy be this good?)
Congrats on your one month anniversary! The kiddos are cuties!

Marla said...

How precious that their sister bond is already so strong. Happy one month!! Your girls are adorable!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

They are so sweet together...I love what Francesca said...."Just some sister stuff, you wouldn't understand Mom" It doesn't get much better than cute!!

I am so thrilled that they have bonded so is truly amazing.

I visited the other site last night and I left a comment, but for some reason it didn't post....weird?? Anyway, hope you enjoy your weekend!

Talk with you soon!


Almost forgot, I Love Anabelle's Christmas PJ's....I think I saw those at T@rget!!

LaLa said...

Oh, love those sweet sister comments...of course you wouldn't understand!!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog : )

Teresa said...

So beautiful! What an answer to prayer! I love the "you would'nt understand" comment. That's a keeper line! I'm so happy for your family.

Jodee Leader said...

What a sweet post! So glad to hear the bonding is going well. Great job on the binkie too!

Have a great weekend!

Beverly said...

She is adorable!!

lindanuts said...

They are so darned cute--together and each....Gotta love having a big sister/little sister!