Monday, December 20, 2010

{first school dance for Francesca}

OK seriously ~ when did my baby get to the point where she was able to go to a school dance on a Friday night {no less}! It is true! And she had a wonderful time! Her friend, Kyra (along with her Mom, Dad, twin brother and older brother) invited to take Francesca with them to the big school dance that happen this past October! She excitedly left the safe haven of our home around 6:30PM and returned full of giggles and smiles promptly at 8:45PM! She has a great time and we are truly thankful for the Walsh family for inviting her!

According to Mama Walsh, the kiddos had a great time and danced their hearts out!

As for me, I didn't expect anything less!


Football and Fried Rice said...

She kind of have a "mature" look about her in these pictures!! Don't even SAY the words DANCE - not yet!!!!!!

Merry Christmas, girl :>)

Michelle said...

Merry Christmas Shelly! Love the updates!