Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Shopping for Annabelle!

Since many of you know (from several of my previous posts), I am one of those people who try to get their Christmas shopping done early. Well, this year I fell a little behind (paper chasing for #3, moving to a new state and a new house, trying to sell our old house, Francesca starting a new school...and...well you get the idea). So I made it my number one priority to get my butt into gear and start the craziness of "the season". Seeing how our Miss Annabelle really plays with a majority {all} of Francesca's toys, I truly thought about what she likes and what she would enjoy playing with {calling her own} this year!

As soon as I saw that Snow White was being released on DVD I just knew it would be the perfect gift for her. I quickly put my order in through Disney's Movie 'online' Club and it seems from this one purchased, it all snow-balled from there!

Annabelle LOVES playing dress up (unlike our Francesca). She would wear one of Francesca's Princess costumes every single darn day if I let her. So what better gift to give her but her OWN Princess costume!

And what little girl can go without this adorable teddy bear ~ dressed to match her beautiful dress!

And of need some red glitter shoes to tie in the whole "Snow White" look!

(I think you can all see a theme going on here...)

Now since we will be visiting Disney World this coming January for Francesca's birthday, I thought I get the girls some Mickey & Friends sweatshirts! I just love it when we are at "the happiest place on earth" & they are all decked out in their Disney Gear and seeing how many of these character sweatshirts are currently on sale at for $2.99 ~ how could I have resisted!

And last but not least - as soon as I saw "this" featured on QVC - I just know it is going to be a hit in our house! As many of you know, I am NOT a fan of Play-Doh. Not sure why, but even as a kid, I just didn't like it. Anyway, when I saw this on that famous home shopping network which I am addicted to and need professional help for, I was so excited that someone out there has gotten it right! Annabelle loves to play with anything "crafty' so I am thinking this will be a hit!

(it came in a set of three so Francesca will be getting a set too)

For the most part, this is what our Annabelle will be getting this coming Christmas. Only one or two will be from Santa, Francesca will pick out something to give to her as well and the rest is from good old mom & dad!

Can you tell I am finally getting excited!

I am hoping that by the end of this weekend I have Francesca's shopping complete as well. Once it is all done, I promise to share with you all what exciting "finds" I purchased just for her!

And since I just couldn't have a post without some new they are!

Our Annabelle is trying to get on some of Billy the Bear's clothing (Francesca little bear friend from school). I don't think she realized that it wasn't going to fit over that head of hers but boy did she wear it well!

and here's one with her favorite {cough} only sister!


LaLa said...

Good for you getting so much done!! Just a warning...have you watched SW is by far the scariest of the Disney movies "bring me her heart in a box" line is enough to scare anyone. May want to prep her for it LOL

Jodee Leader said...

Wow! Way to go! Annabelle is going to love everything you picked out for her. I have done lots of Christmas shopping too. I hate the wrapping part though!

Football & Fried Rice said...

Your girls are so beautiful!! I am excited to see Annabelle's face when she opens presents this year!! I also can't wait for "our" Disney trip!! lol!!!!! You are awesome having already started shopping!!

I got your message about the donation - SO SWEET!!!! You know I have a soft spot for Henan Babies - especially heart ones ;) Kind of like you and Megacolons!!

Theis Family said...

Good to see pictures of the girls and hear about one of my favorite families! We love and miss you all! The girls are sure growing - they are beautiful!