Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Shopping for Francesca!

Now Francesca this year was very easy to shop for. Just about every info commercial she saw, she wanted it! From the Tooth-brush sanitizer, to the famous Snuggie, to Shrinky Dinks...and these (that are shown below) she wanted them all!

Well, I finally decided on getting her the Bendaroos! This is the second year she has asked for them and after finding them on ebay for only $12 (and that price included shipping), I just couldn't resist! I am thinking she is going to love them!

Next she asked for a few new DVDs. Seeing how we already have a HUGE collection...I wasn't 100% sold that idea but after sitting down with our daughter and asking her what new DVDs she was interested in, I quickly knew I would be making a few purchases! DisneyNature "Earth" is very special to Francesca's heart as well as ours. It was the first featured film she went to see at the could I not want to purchase this one! (and trust me - it is an excellent film!)

(as for Mary Poppins - it is a classic!)

As many of you know, from my last post on "Christmas Shopping for Annabelle" you all know I got some wonderful Disney character sweatshirts from at some amazing prices! I just had to pick up a few for my girls and the selection was incredible...all for just $2.99 each!

OK - I know I got Annabelle a pair of red glitter shoes to match her Snow White Dress and seeing how our Francesca has a Sleeping Beauty costume to wear when in Disney (Thanks to her Aunt Molly who gave it to her last year for her birthday), I just knew she would also LOVE a pair of these glitter shoes ~ PINK GLITTER SHOES!

I just love getting my girls those matching PJs! And this year, was having an amazing sale on some of last year styles! I picked up these adorable Minnie pajamas for both of our girls to enjoy and snuggle up in on those cold winter nights!

And last but not least, this is the first year I was FINALLY able to purchase Francesca some pierced earrings! She saw a pair of these on that famous home shopping network we all know I love and I just had to get them for her! I can't wait until I see her wearing them!

And there you have it - Christmas-102 for our two girls! I think I did really well this year. I set a budget for myself and stayed well within my limit! Finding some amazing bargains on,,, and I saved a whole lot of money! Now we still have a few presents to get (I just can't seem to make up my mind): a game board game (which are always a hit in this household) & some new books for the girls to enjoy! They just love LOVE love being read to! But seeing how these are all I have left, I am feeling no-pressure!

Oh I almost are some photos of the girls ~ ENJOY!
Since the past week was Francesca's turn to take "Billy The Bear" home from school and be his care taker, I thought it was only fitting to add some photos from her week with Billy....

all ready for bed...

getting ready to eat one of Francesca's favorite suppers!

one day we even made some "Billy the Bear" masks!

and finally - falling asleep...


Kate said...

OMG....Lia would get along great with Franceska!!! She wants EVERYTHING she sees on commercials...snuggli, benderoos, Kaboom cleaner (for me!!!)...they must be watching the same stations!!! :-) I finally decided that I was going to have to rely on her cds so that we could avoid the commercials! Great finds...I may get a few of those myself...thanks for sharing!!

Jodee Leader said...

Wow! Way to go! I love the matching PJs! It would be soooo much fun to have two girls!

Hope you have a great week!

KiT said...

Looks like you are all ready for Christmas - good for you!

Are you still having computer issues? I emailed you again after your comment on my blog. Hope you've gotten it worked out. :)

Bushnell Girls said...

Check into a great game called Cariboo, by Cranium games. It has colors, numbers, letters, and rolling balls that make a treasure chest open up! What's not to like? Fran loved it when she was 4. I have it packed away for when Abby is older.

amy said...

I loved this post!!! She sounds so fun and I am so glad she is easy to shop for!