Thursday, May 13, 2010

Article 5 (our second LOA)

YES ~ finally after what seemed like ~ forever ~ we received word today from our agency that our Article 5 has been picked our by their rep in Guangzhou at the US Consulate and it is currently on its way to be delivered to the CCAA in Beijing! Once all the paper work is reviewed by the CCAA, China will than issue us our TA (travel approval)!

Yes...we are almost there...

As for the home front, life is busy.

Between, shopping for Benjamin, shopping for the girls (both~mostly for China), shopping for all the other essentials we need for China, cooking my butt off so I can pack my two freezers so I don't have to cook once we get home, working on our Visas (yes they should of had been done by now), getting our home in PA on the market, planning our next BIG Disney vacation for January (the last time we were there for almost two weeks and this time I am thinking we'll be there a few days longer...) and just all the other normal ins & outs that many of us deal with every day...there is never enough time for me to do what I would like to do...

I am really hoping that once we return from as I know it will return...

Anyway, here's praying that we receive our TA in 2 weeks rather than 4...sigh


Marla said...

That's great news!!! Hope that TA comes in record time and that you're on your way to your sweetie soon! Good luck with the shopping and packing!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

This is such awesome news girl!! That TA will be here before you know it.....fingers crossed and toes too!! You will be setting out on that jet plane VERY SOON!!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Luv Ya,


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hey.... I thought you had a post set to go today? I just popped over thinking I missed it!! Hope you had a happy monday.....only four more days until the weekend:)

Luv Ya,