Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chinese + Italian = Chinese New Year at the Pompey Leonard's


(home-made macs with meat sauce and fried meatballs per Francesca's request...now doesn't that look so good!)

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2008 at Grandma's house on Sunday!

Having so much fun!


Just a little decorating to ring in the New year...


Family photos...

Francesca & Daddy


Francesca, G.G. and Mommy


Francesca & Auntie


Francesca & Grandma


Francesca is Grandma's Offical Taste Test Chef...Here she is trying out the pasta to make sure it is cooked enough.


Francesca eating one of her favorite meals!


After eating the macs, it is off to the cake (and of course, everyone had to sing "Happy Chinese New Year" while Francesca got ready to blow out the candles)


Francesca received a few red envelopes and a present from Grandma and G.G. which she is opening up here...


She got this beautiful Chinese deco handbag with matching wallet that looks like a Chinese Take Out container. I have seen other take out container purses in the past, but the one my mom got for Francesca is just breath-takingly beautiful.


(kind of hard to tell the detail work within the purse seeing how Francesca is holding it sideways)

We truly had a great CNY!


LaLa said...

Looks like a great time and she enjoyed it a lot! LOVE the purse : )

Colleen said...

Love the chinese with a touch of Italian : ) I tagged you!!! Stop by my blog for details www.crazy-eight.blogspot.com

Janelle said...

you certainly celebrated in style. next year, I want to decorate the house, too! love the RED cake...

sara said...

I love Francesca's shirt! I have to say I love Italian & you can mix it with Chinese ANY day for me! What a fun celebration!!

Sue said...

Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Looks like a wonderful CNY celebration! Great food, decorations, and family!!

I love the purse - Grandmom did super! And I love Francesca's vest...very pretty!

LINDA said...

Francesca really knows how to have fun!!!She is so beautiful. Looks like she is also well-loved....

Julie said...

Food, family, decorations, presents....It looks perfect! I love the cross culture cuisine. What a great way to start a family tradition by blending the two. And I bet it was delicious!!

Jake and Taryn said...

I love the pictures...and the food looks deilicious!!