Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our weekend! *updated*

We here at the Leonard household had one truly amazing weekend!

Uncle Owen, Aunt Amy, and Katie drove all the way from Michigan just to spend some time with us!

We had such a wonderful time and are so looking forward to seeing them again very soon!
(both families are planning a trip to TN in the summer)

I'll have photos from our weekend to post later on today...I ended up not taking very many because we were all just so caught up in wanting to really spend some time together....

They just left about an hour ago and Francesca is asking us if they will be back tomorrow, all the while I am crying my eyes did two families, who met through this amazing journey of adoption, hit it off, become best friends and are now our family......

(OK now I am crying again)


I finally got calmed down enough to download the photos from my camera and uploaded to this post. Keith has a few saved on his iPhone that I am waiting for him to download (once he does, I'll post them too).

Katie and Francesca!
(now, isn't that one so sweet!)

We had such a great weekend (as I mention before) and we can't wait until we see them again...which according to Francesca is "Tomorrow."


Janelle said...

friends are such a treasure, aren't they? glad you made plans to get together this summer!

I enjoyed reading your 7s. My coffee intake is gradually drifting up and I'll soon be up to 10 cups/day, too! (I think I'm at 4 or 5 now)

LINDA said...

Love your hardwood floor.
The girls are great together. Friendships like that last throughout the years.

sara said...

Oh such precious pictured of 2 beautiful little girls!! Glad you had a good time; sorry that it was too short & too far apart.

Sue said...

So glad you were able to get together again. It really is an amazing friendship - between both parents and daughters! Your TN trip sounds like it'll be awesome, and it will come before you know it.

Loved your Tag list. (Such a heartbreaker!!!)I think J is just like you w/ the clothing tags...we're always cutting them out or putting on an undershirt!

Steffie B. said...

beautiful post.....the bond that we make with people through this journey is amazing.....I know how you feel!

Glad you could spend the time together!