Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Today, while getting Francesca ready for school, I asked her if she wanted a ponytail or pigtails and her response was...I want three pigtails...1-2-3! It looked so cute that I just had to take some photos!


Now, I just have to brag about my little girl!
I can't believe how much our daughter has grown and how far she has come...After talking to other parents and discussing with them about where Francesca is at in development, it totally blew my mind away at how much she really does know. My mom and Keith have been telling me all along what a wonderful job I am doing with her, but I just thought they were trying to make me feel good (about myself as a mother). I just never knew how much she really does know...
Francesca can count to 30; she knows all the four seasons and the order in which they come; she knows which colors are primary, secondary & basics and what primary colors to mix together to get what secondary color (along with mixing in the basics); she knows all her A-B-C's; she knows her right from her left; she knows how to put on her socks and shoes; she knows how to set a table with forks, spoons, napkins, plates and cups; she knows the difference between coin amounts (like what a quarter is, a dime is, a nickel is and a penny); she can do puzzles and play board games that are listed for ages 5 & up with very little help (the puzzles she does all by herself); she know how to wash herself in the tub (and yes, using soap and a wash cloth...she tries to wash her hair all by herself, but it is still alittle hard for her to rinse out all the soap); she knows how to count to 100 by 10's and she knows brush and floss (yes, floss) her teeth all by herself. We just started this past week in writing out her letters, and so far she has master, A, F, S, V, and Y. Not bad for only doing it for three days. This list can go on forever, but I just had to mention a few of the things that I find it amazing that a three year old knows this kind of stuff...

OK...I am done bragging for now. I know it is so bad of me to do so, but I am just so darn crazy about our little girl!

*if you have been wondering where I have been at, here it goes... I swear I have the worst luck with computers and the internet. Last week, my DSL box blew up...that's right BLEW UP! So I have been without the interent since than (that's why I haven't been posting anything)...until today. I know I have a lot of catching up to do with my online family and friends I can't begin to tell you all how much I missed you guys...*


LINDA said...

You are right. She is pretty, stinkin' cute! The pony tails are getting so big!!! She is growing up right befire our eyes....Good job, Mommy!

sara said...

So glad to hear from you!!!! So good to see pics of your baby! and YES! you have a right to brag!! That is a lot of a little girl to know (some of those things my 5 year old doesn't know!) What they say is true, we tend to push & work more with our firsts! Then, I think we settle into being mamas and develop the mentality that if they learn it, they learn it.....we just want cuddle time! Way to go Francesca!!

Janelle said...

OH MY! She is a smart cookie -- brag away. Adorable, too!

You were missed on blogging hiatus - welcome back : )

Sue said...

So glad to hear you are back! Holy cow about your computer though!

Francesca is just so darn sweet. She is DEFINITELY one smart little girl. Way to go mom!!!!

And get crackin' on some updated posts! :)