Thursday, August 21, 2008

Grocery Store Shopping..HS News...and hitting the 50 day mark!

When my sister and I were younger, whenever my mom took us to the grocery store, she would always tell us that if we were really good, we would be able to pick out one thing to take home with us...and only one thing. I can remember my sister and I making our individual choices...sometimes a book....sometimes crayons...sometimes a silly puddy...and other times just plain old candy! Well, I started the same thing with my daughter for when she comes to the grocery store with me....she too gets to pick out only one thing - if she behaves herself and since I restarted this grocery store shopping tradition that my mom started so many years ago...these are the only items that Francesca ALWAYS picks out! (and yes, these are what SHE picks out!)

Yes...that's right! No books, crayons, plastic toys, or candy for this little girl! She wants Band-Aids, toothpaste, or a new toothbrush! While others may find these choices "odd"...if you truly knew my daughter, you would so know that these are exactly what she would be picking out!

***our home study update for USCIS needs to be at their office by the 22nd...which is tomorrow...last time we spoke to our SW...which was on Tuesday, he said that he was still working on it and it will be sent in. I again EXPLAINED to him that it NEEDS to be there by the 22nd and he really didn't have a reply for we shall see what happens. I also requested copies be sent to me of the HS update and the HS addendum that needs to be completed...and so far we have not received anything in the mail. Our SW did call us this morning and left a message (of course, we were out) that the update was sent (not sure when) but he wasn't able to complete the addendum because he still needing some information from us. I called his office early this afternoon and left the information he was requesting with the office receptionist...hopefully that will also be completed soon. I just hope that our home study update arrives at the USCIS office in time... I so know this whole thing is totally out of my hands, but it is very upsetting to know that this whole HS update has been in process for over two months now...with no changes from our original HS that was completed for our dossier. UGH! (and that is so not the word I want to be using right now, but it is the only one that I can post!) Here's to praying that our HS update has been sent in... *** of today...we have been waiting for LOA - 50 days! If I am "calculating" correctly of when we might actually get our LOA...we still have another 25 days of waiting (thinking it is going to come around the 15th of September). This wait has been ever harder on us than waiting for our travel for Francesca (from referral to travel it was only 2 months and all the while, we were making travel plans and packing). My new official title is..."Internet Yahoo Board and Email Stocker"! It seems like every chance I get...every day, I stock the yahoo boards and check my emails to see if anything has come in and today there was a couple who were also waiting for LOA that posted a message that theirs arrived yesterday. Their dates are LID 11/28/07 LOI 6/17/08 PA 6/26/08 and LOA 8/20/08...that's only 64 days that they waited! Can we be next? I know, I know, we probably still have around 25 days of waiting, but can't a girl dream...


sara said...

Cutting it SOOOOO close - that Mr. Casey :)

Now we all know what to get Francesca for Christmas :)

It was great talking to you today, sister!

Steffie B. said...

Hang in there girl....I believe she will be home by Christmas.....what a wonderful holiday season you have to look forward to!

Love F's choice of goodies....Sophia would do the same thing....although she is BIG into art! ;)

Have a great weekend.

Kate said...

My Lia would be all over those "hygiene and first aid" choices too! So Funny!

Good luck on all the paperwork stuff....why, WHY does it all have to be so stinkin' stressful???

Thainking about you!

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

So cute. Bella is a bandaid girl as well!!!

Have a wonderful weekend

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

I hit send too soon~

good luck with the paper work, I pray time is on your side!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

My Mom did the same thing with us when we were little!

I love Francesca's choices...too cute!

You having to be going crazy...that social worker is really cutting it close....praying for ya....we want to see her soon!


LINDA said...

Sometimes they act like they don't really care, don't they? After all, it doesn't affect them. Don't worry, Hon. Everybody along the way will be the same. Youo've done this before and you know it is going to happen. Try to relax, realizing there are things you have NO control over. It will all be fine. God's plan will persevere.
(((HUGS))) Linda