Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A New Stroller for Francesca and Annabelle!!!!

After doing a ton of research and test driving so many with Francesca (and a HUGE thank you to all the other mommies that were in the stores when we were window shopping that were so willing to help us out in our stroller search by letting their child go for a test drive with Francesca to make sure that we really liked it...) we finally found one that we all loved!

It is from One Step Ahead

...it is so easy to move...has a ton of sitting room...cup holders...plenty of room on the foot rest...5-point harness safety...great visor shade...not as big as you might think...and it was one that we all loved! (and at an amazing price too!)

We tried just about every double stroller out there...and let me tell you..it just seemed like we could not find one that fit all our needs, until this one! (I was so looking into getting one of those Sit N' Stand ones, but Francesca so disliked it - and that is saying it nicely - main reason for her was that if she was sitting, she was sitting backwards and she was so not going for that plus the area where she would stand didn't seem very wide...as for us there were a lot of things we didn't like about the Sit N' Stand...the basket area - that was way too small - was not easy to get at...the front seat was so small that I felt it was more for an infant rather than a toddler and if we are spending that kind of money on a stroller I don't want the kids to grow out of it too fast...the way it folded up...the lack of storage...and when the front seat was in the reclining position while Francesca was sitting down, the reclining seat back was actually resting on her head/shoulders/back area...) So like I said, after much research, test driving, and hearing what other BTDT moms had to say/suggest, this is the one we purchased...

We can't wait...and from what we were told, it should be here sometime next week!!!

(we also got this stroller brand new and at a rock-bottom price with free shipping...how could we pass up a deal like that!)


amy said...

thats so exciting. i want a reason to have a double stroller.haha

I love hearing what moms get from their research

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

This is great....it looks like you made a wonderful choice!

Another step closer to Miss Annabelle....Hooray!

How is everything going? Hope you had a nice Girls Night Out last week!

Talk with you soon!


Sue said...

Cool!!! Sounds like it will be just perfect for your two sweeties!

Paula said...

Thanks for the stroller advice. I am going to be needing a double stroller soon and was't sure which one I liked best. So THANKS !!

LINDA said...

Sara had one like that--a jogging stroller. She could still run and take both kids. I wonder what became of that? Now the boys ride their bikes when she is out running/walking. They grow up so fast.....