Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Lunch Date with Grandma and Auntie!

That's right, we all had ice-cream for lunch this past Saturday at our local country store ice-cream shop!!!

Francesca with her Vanilla Ice-Cream on a cone!

Francesca and Auntie...

That's where we ate our ice-cream at...check out the size of that umbrella!

Francesca loved the cow swing!

Isn't she just beautiful!

Daddy and Francesca

Mommy and Francesca

After the ice-cream, Francesca was so ready for a nap...
(with regards to having ice-cream for lunch...every now and than you need to live a little and not worry about what's right and what's wrong but just enjoy!!!)


Kate said...

Looks like my kind of lunch...and you're right...she's absolutely beautiful!

LINDA said...

There is nothing set in stone when it comes to having fun. kids will remember the fun alot longer than the time-outs or grounding or yelling. yeah, that's all coming,too.
throw in some cookies for breakfast once in a while. you will all love it.
are you doing real tea parties yet??? love ya! Linda

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

That swing is'll have to tell me where this store is located....looks super cute!

Lovin Francesca in her glasses.....little diva in the making!

Hope you had a great weekend!

We just got back today....saw your note, Pat is a twin, fraternal!!!


Steffie B. said...

Sounds like lunch at our house from time to time....summer is too short.....looks like a great weekend! ;)

Bella's momma said...

I seriously believe icecream for lunch should be a standard choice, juct like a salad or a turkey sandwich!!!

Your pictures are darling!

Jodee Leader said...

Thank you for stopping by today.

Ice cream for lunch sounds perfect to me! That swing is absolutely hilarious! Cute pictures!

Congrats on your referral too. She is adorable!

jiangxigirls said...

Your last statement is so true! Sometimes you just need to relax and enjoy a bit because before you know it they will be starting Kindergarten.......sniff, sniff....

sara said...

i LOVE the picture where you captioned it, "Isn't she beautiful"? I love her smile - so real & genuine and she is JUST happy & full of life. Can you tell I am emotional today!?!