Monday, October 13, 2008

You can still get in on the action!

As you all know, we are leaving on Thursday for our second journey to China for our darling daughter, Annabelle Faith! If you would like to follow us along in this amazing journey, our travel web site is...

child's first name: annabelle
child's last name: leonard

As for the password, you'll have to email me for that ;)

As for this past Sunday, I was able to get some stuff accomplished. I got Francesca's suitcase 100% packed, and I started packing ours. We did give Honey his well overdue bath, but we never got around to setting up Annabelle's bed or rearrange the girls' bedroom. I know I won't be getting too much done today for I have a manicure appointment at 10am and a hair appointment at 5pm and in between that I have a ton of running around (I still have a few things to pick up at the store for our trip...this is now trip #3). Oh ya and during all this Papa Keith and Grandma Shell babysat with our two grandkids last night while their parents enjoyed some time to themselves. (we had three kids...ages three and under...for a few hours...all I can say is that it was very interesting lol)


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh have a lot on your plate for the next couple of days!!

Give me a call when you get two minutes....honestly, if tomorrow is out of the question, I totally understand!!

Hope that you get everything done....enjoy your day at the salon!!


Heather said...

Whew! I am tired just reading your posts! You will get it all done and what you don't get done won't matter anyway:)

Thinking of you and ahem, would love that password!!

Take care of yourselves, wow, big week this week:)


Debbie said...

Have a wonderful trip…what a blessing!!

Debbie said...

I forgot something:
My grandma used to be my sitter also. I remember when Y & R first came out - I thought that was pretty neat that we both started watching it with our grandma's!

Rina, John & Annalisa said...

Don't worry. You'll get it all done. Adrenaline works wonders :)

I would love to follow your trip on the other site. Let me know if you don't have my e-mail.

Heather said...

Yeah...wonderful news. Have a wonderful journey to China and congratulations on finally being able to bring your new beautiful baby girl home!


Teresa said...

Congratulations and happy travels! We're so excited for you!


Kimberly said...

Counting down the days for you!!

EllieNat said...

Happy Family Day!

Leah and Jake said...

I just found your blog recently and would love to follow your trip. We should be travelling the next couple of months.

Jodee Leader said...

I can't wait to follow your journey! Have a safe trip tomorrow!