Sunday, June 28, 2009

Washington DC Zoo!

I love this photo of Francesca and Papa walking while holding hands (while on our way back to our LR)! It was a super sweet ending to one amazing day!
PS - you may all be wondering where was Annabelle during our visit to the Zoo and while I must say, she hung in there as best she could - but within an hour of our tour around the zoo, she fell fast asleep in her stroller.
and on two final notes:
1st - we are still waiting on our home study from our social worker and best of all he was on vacation all last week. You can bet your final dollar that come Monday morning - he will be getting a phone call from me...(I'll keep you all posted)
2nd - and I want to wish the greatest husband and father anyone could ever dream of (at least in my opinion) a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow!!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH & have something extra special planned just for you!

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Desiree' said...

Great pictures!! We are thinking of heading there this week. Did you get my email?