Sunday, August 9, 2009

{{{{{{{status report}}}}}}}

After returning from a stay at Papa and Grandma C's house at the beach, we are finally finding a little bit of down time. Once I find a few minutes to upload our "VA Beach 2009" photos, I promise, I will share some with you all. As for our home study status, things are finally looking up in that area of our lives. As of Friday, I did receive another unapproved copy of our home study report to be sent in for a review to our agency (which I think it was sent via email to CCAI later on that afternoon). As of today (Sunday) I haven't heard a word back from CCAI - not thinking I would seeing how it is the weekend - but I am hoping that in the next two days ~ I'll hear something positive. After reading this second copy of the home study, I am thinking our social worker is finally on track and it is looking really good. Only time will tell and I am praying that we do get an approval from our agency and an official copy in our hands very soon to send into the USCIS office to finish up our last bit of paper chase.

This coming weekend, we are expecting a house full! Two of our travel families from 2008 are coming down to the DC area for a get-together weekend! We are super excited and can't wait for all the fun that will begin on this coming Friday (having 6 adults, 9 children and one dog is going to be very exciting to say at the least). So here's to a great week ahead for all of you and as soon as I get those photos download, I will post some to our blog.

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Jodee Leader said...

Can't wait to see your beach pictures! Enjoy your company!