Sunday, September 16, 2007

Getting ready for Disney!

Less than a week to go until....DISNEY!

As of this time next week, we will be in Disney! We have already began the chore of packing & getting everything in order for our leave on Friday, the 21st. Our good neighbor & great friend, Mary, will be taking care of Honey for us while we are gone. I still have a ton of things to do this week...seeing how this past weekend we spent most of the time wearing our PJ's and relaxing. So, this coming week is going to be crazy for me! I am planning on taking my laptop with me to Disney so I can download the photos that are taken during the day from our digital camera. Hopefully, I get the hotels Internet service hooked up as well to post to the blog. Francesca is so we are too!

Here are some photos taken from this past week! Enjoy!

On Thursday, I had my nephew Scotty over while my sister had to go to work! The kids had such a good time. I can only imagine how Disney is going to be with the two of them!

"I love you!"
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Playing "Ring Around The Rosie"...
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("we all fall down!")

My beautiful Scotty...isn't he too stink'n cute!
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amy said...
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amy said...

Im the one that deleted that comment, it didnt make sense

I love the pictures..Have a great time! its my favorite place

LINDA said...

we've been and the kids will love it.take plenty of bottled water. and plenty of pictures. pace yourselves. it will be something you remember forever.

Sophie's Mom said...

Disneyworld is wonderful, we just went in March of this year as a little 'reunion' trip with 3 other families we adopted from China with. I have a Sophia from China, too!

Enjoy Disney!

Rina, John & Annalisa said...

I can't wait to see you guys. My sister and her family will join us as well.

It will be a great time. Let's hope for good weather.


sara said...

Oh, Francesca will get to mother-hen Scotty the whole vacation; it will be like a dream:D