Sunday, September 2, 2007

Two years ago today since we first saw your face!

Today is the day that marks our two year anniversary of seeing Francesca's beautiful face for the first time! Two years ago, we got our referral for Francesca!

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(one of our referral photos!)

That day was like no other! We heard the rumors about referrals coming and finally received the email from our agency that "the stork was flying" on Wednesday! Keith came home on Thursday so we could both experience getting that phone call from our agency, Great Wall. To pass the time...he started remodeling our bathroom, while I pounded through reading many novels. That Friday morning (Sept. 2nd), I went to the grocery store to pick up a few thing...along with something for lunch. Since I was so nervous, I knew I wasn't going to be able to make anything for us to eat (we heard a rumor that referral phone calls were coming today), so I stopped by the gourmet take out department at our grocery store and picked up a full roasted chicken...along with some fried chicken pieces and potato salad. Once I arrived home...we waited & waited! We did get an email from Great Wall early Friday morning stating "the stork has landed", but from what we were could take several hours before we heard anything! I was a nervous wreck! Anyway, Keith & I had a nice lunch and talked about what life was going to be like once Francesca was finally home with us! Once lunch was over...that's when I first saw the posting of referrals on the GW yahoo group site! My heart was in my throat and my nerves all jumpy...wondering, "where is our referral", but at the same time was I so happy for all my friends that received theirs! Finally, at 4:30pm, our phone call came! After waiting all day, you think we would have been prepared. I had my list of questions ready and my computer up & running, but none of that matter...I was so not prepared! Amanda from GW called and told us we have a little girl! She gave us all the details...I didn't even need that crazy list...and after I was through writing all the information down...she than asked if we were ready to see her beautiful face! We both screamed, "Of Course!" Amanda than notified us that the pictures were sent. I logged into my email account & saw the the email! I clicked on the attachment part...and nothing! Keith stated freaking out as I frantically worked at getting my attachment to open. Finally it did & their was Francesca face! She was so beautiful! Once Amanda knew we got the email opened and saw the photos...she said her good-byes & congratulations to us....and also informed us that our acceptance agreement would be arriving sometime on Tuesday for our baby. Once we got off the phone, I couldn't stop looking at her photos (we got three of them!). We quickly called all of our family and friends with our exciting news, started the process of printing out the photos to show everyone, and also email them to family and friends who lived out of town. After about an hour of that, we headed to my mom's house to introduce to her...her first granddaughter! We spent most of the night surrounded by family & friends (once the word got out that we finally had our referral) celebrating and planning our trip to China in bringing our baby home! It will always be a day we will never forget...and will always and forever be a day etched in our hearts!

We love you so much, Francesca!

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Chinese Name: Lin Gui Mei
Province: Jiangxi
currently living at Yihuang SWI
Date of Birth: 1/20/05
A Healthy Baby Girl!
Phone call of referral came in at 4:30pm on September 2nd from Amanda at Great Wall!


amy said...

what an awesome post!!! what a wonderful family

LaLa said...

It was a wonderful time. I remember our Lovebug group was going nuts!!! She is as beautiful now as then

sara said...

words probably can't even express how you felt that day - the day you became a mama forever & the day that Francesca became a part of a family......I can't wait for our day.

Sue said...

wow - it really is amazing to think that 2 years have passed since you saw Francesca for the very first time!!! Crazy how it seems to go fast when we look at our girls, yet so slow as we wait for our future daughters!!!

BTW - Brynn is exactly the age Josie was when we got her referral. Now THAT is amazing to me!!!

Rina, John & Annalisa said...

Happy Anniversary!

Can't wait to see you guys at Disney!