Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the paper chase begins again for Sofia...and updated music

Friday, we started the process of renewing our 797C clearance for Sofia's adoption. Since we didn't have to renew any of our paper work during Francesca's adoption, this is all new to us. We received an email on Thursday morning from our agency that our 797C and fingerprints are about to expired and we need to get them updated. So Friday morning, I contacted our social worker regarding an update on our home study that is needed for this process (I am hoping our social worker will have the update done within the next month). The one thing that I can do now is send in the I600A application again with our birth certificates, Keith's divorced decree and our current marriage licence which needs to be attached to the application. Once our home study update is complete and sent to the USCIS by our social worker, they will contact us to get re-fingerprinted and reissue our FBI clearance. So like I said, the paper chase begins again.

(I am not sure what our social worker is going to require for our home study update, but this should be interesting....)

Update - I finally got all our information together and I600A application filled out and ready to be mailed tomorrow....

Also Francesca has requested that I add Disney's The Jungle Book's Bare Necessities to our music list. Seeing how the Jungle Book is Francesca new favorite movie and she is always singing this song...how could I resist!


amy said...

We will need to redo our paperwork as well. I love this song!

Hope you are doing well!

Janelle said...

yup, got the same e-mail. wasn't sure how to start - thanks for posting what you did! paperwork is so far off my radar screen right now!

sara said...

Beginning the paperchase again with ya!! - LOADS of fun, here I come!!! I can only hope it is as much fun the second time around ;)