Monday, March 2, 2009

(backing up here a bit)

Family Movie Night for Sunday, March 1st!

This past week was Annabelle's pick. So we went to the video store and the movie that she picked out was...


Now, I wasn't sure what made her pick out this movie, but she wouldn't let it go. After reading the back jacket of the video box, Keith & I decided to get it (and if the movie is something that the kiddos shouldn't be watching, we'll just turn it off). I have heard it is an excellent movie, but is it appropriate for kids - we were going to find out!

Well...this movie is truly a must see. While Annabelle looked like she enjoyed the movie (she sat through the whole thing), I not sure she truly understood what this movie was about, you can bet for sure, our Francesca did and she LOVED we did too! At first, I wasn't 100% convinced that the girls should be watching it (the main characters in the movie who are having some problems within their marriage got into a major yelling & finger pointing fight), but after that scene was over, the movie took a turn for the better. By the end of the movie, all eight eyes were glued to the TV and most were crying. To sum it up (if you haven't heard anything about this AMAZING movie)....the movie focuses on a couple who are on the verge of divorce when the husband's father steps in with some "40 day advise". I think you can all guess what happens at the end, but it is truly captivating on how this couple got there. You will look at your own marriage with fresh and understanding eyes!

I think Francesca summed it up best when the film credits started rolling and she said..."Now they love each other again and they can live happily every after...."

This movie is truly a must see!

We are still battling "that nasty bug" here at our house so we had a nice weekend spent mostly at home. As you can see from the photo above, our Annabelle is still so sick...her little nose is so red from it running. We again have our family portraits rescheduled for this coming weekend so here's to our house recovering from whatever hit us and a nice ~ smooth week ahead....


Kate said...

Oh cute is that??? I hope you feel better soon! I took the opportunity yesterday to throw open the windows and do a "germ be gone" dance...amused Lia for sure...but I don't's been a rough winter...and I want it to end!!!

Can't wait to see the portraits!!!

Your Family night sounds so nice!!!


Jodee Leader said...

Good pick, Annabelle! Cory and I both loved that movie! I agree -- it is a must see!

Hope you are all feeling better soon!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

We have that movie sitting here but we still have not watched it!! I have heard nothing but rave reviews.......can't believe it was Annabelle's pick....that is too funny!

I thought for sure you would all be better by now.....hope you make it for those pictures this weekend!! It has been kind of crazy around here as you could imagine....I will call you when I have a minute....maybe tomorrow afternoon.



Marla said...

I've heard great things about that one too but still haven't seen it. Hope everyone gets well soon!!

Colleen said...

she is so cute!!!!! I was watching the Duggars (I think that's their name)18 and counting. They were at a Christian film festival and they watched this movie..they liked it too. If it's better then Sponge Bob then it's a must see : P

Janelle said...

how CUTE is that?? I've heard lotsa good about that movie, too - was waiting for adult time, but it's nice to know we can all watch it - thanks!

feel better Leonard Family so you can smile big in your portraits - spring is coming!