Sunday, March 22, 2009

We're back!

Finally after what seems like...forever...I am finally getting around to doing our Family Movie Night post with photos!

After trying to decide on what movie to watch this week, both girls picked out CARS (I think their decision had something to do with enjoying some quiet time with Daddy this afternoon while watching the Nascar race. )

Earlier this morning...I found a recipe for Grilled Fruit Pizza from Sandra Lee on the Food Network and after sharing the recipe with Francesca, she was super excited to bake it! (This dessert was super easy and Francesca truly loved having some one on one time with Mommy while making it!) We can't wait to enjoy it during our movie night!

Well that's about it on the home-front. Again, we have another busy week planned with a few play dates, some shopping sprees, a trip to the post office to get Annabelle's passport, and a short getaway to Washington DC to check out on how the new house is coming along...


Eric and Tiffany said...

the fruit pizza looks good. Sounds so fun. Love the new picture those girls are just breathtaking. I look so forward to meeting all of you one day very soon!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

YUMMM!! That fruit pizza looks delish:) Hope you guys had a good week and sounds like you have another busy one coming up.....I will try to get you tomorrow or Tuesday so we can catch up......hoping we can all get together in the next couple of weekends!

The girls look so adorable....Love the Bow in Annabelle's hair!

Miss ya girly,


Jodee Leader said...

Hope you enjoyed your movie night! The dessert looks delicious too!

Have a great week!

sara said...

That fruit pizza does look yumm-O!

How's life?? I have missed you....good to see you back to posting :) We need to catch up??

I have an un-postable secret to share :)