Thursday, March 5, 2009

What does "potty trained" mean?

What does "potty trained" mean?

Is it when your child starts to go on the potty? Does it mean when you child goes on the potty with no accidents? Does it mean when you put your child on the potty without them telling you they have to go? Is it when you have to keep reminding your child about the potty and asking if they have to go and they get on it and go? Is it when they stop using diapers/pull-ups and only wear underware? What is the definition of potty trained?

I had parents in the past say to me, "Oh, my child is potty trained." or "My child was trained within a few days." But than I hear them consistently ask the child about having to go and reminding the child that they need to go. Is this being potty trained?

Francesca is doing well with her potty training, but I believe she is so "not there". She has been wearing big girl panties for some time now and she has even told us that she needed to go, but do I feel that she is potty trained, NO. As for Annabelle, she will sit on her little potty when Francesca does (sometimes she goes and sometimes she doesn't). She tells us when she is pooping ~ but it is a little too late to get her on her potty. So it brings me right back to how I started this post...What does potty trained mean?

(I am really at a loss here so I just can't wait to read your comments. I will be posting our Family Movie Night Choice here on Sunday so I just want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend and we'll be seeing you soon...)


Beth said...

First off...I want you to know what an incredible mom I think you are and thank you so much for sharing your girls story about their mega colons.
Back to potty training definition. I have "potty trained" four kids. Each one was different in how they would go- when they would go -and what age they made that transition. When I hear the word potty training, I cringe. I would rather have dental work than potty train a child. You would think it would be easier as each child was ready...not for this mom.
Potty trainING is just that...a kid in training. This phrase is used when a child has to be prompted every five minutes, helped onto the potty or wiped (for #1 that is...#2 takes time to master).
Being potty TRAINED is just that...ready for the task on one's own. So to say that your child is potty trained would mean that there is no prompting a million times a day. It also means that they can -on their own accord -stop what they are doing, actually go into the bathroom, do their business, wipe themselves and any other hygeine routine, and go back to what they were doing. If you can drop a kid off at grandma's and not mention the word "potty"...that's a good indication that they are technically potty trained.
That's my definition.

Steffie B. said...

Look at them....hilarious! ;)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

LOVE that picture!! They make it look like fun.....and we both know it is not fun!!

I like what Beth wrote.....I think being Potty Trained means fully on their own, no prompting, no accidents....otherwise they are in training! I feel like a huge slacker in this area....Sarah was off to a great start this fall and then totally lost interest, so I did not push the issue....the thought of starting over pains me....but maybe with the warmer weather ahead it will be easier....not as many layers to deal with!

Hope we can catch up soon....My grandfather's viewing is tomorrow and the funeral and luncheon on Saturday.....I will try to reach out on Monday while driving to Philly. Enjoy your family time this weekend......Miss Ya,


Eric and Tiffany said...

Hilarous I love this picture!

amy said...

Do you know how much I learn from you?? We leave next Wednesday!

Naenay1012 said...

I would agree, no prompts.

Colleen said...

Well after potty training 6 kiddos I think potty trained means when they are fully on their own. Of course if you see them doing the pee pee dance it's ok to say"You better hurry up and go or you'll pee your pants". Addison gets up in the middle of the night and goes potty if she has to. She hasn't worn pull ups for over a year. Livi still wets at night. No big deal they eventually outgrow it.
Love the potty pictures : )

Sue said...

The pic is soo cute!!! Love how Annabelle follows Francesca's lead! Seems like she will learn quickly as she watches her big sister!
I think you are "training" and that "trained" is when they can go on their own with a little/no prompting from mom. And then you have some kids who are great during the day but still need pull-ups at night. (are they half way trained?) Best of luck with both girls!!!

Alyson and Ford said...

I am going to "not" have a potty trained AA until she is five or six by most definitions in the comments. AA is so short, it will be a very LONG time before she can go to a toilet and do her business completely on her own.
She comes to us and tells us when she has to go and we must assist. She uses the "big" toilet but we have to lift her up on it (and hold her otherwise she will fall in!).
I will use the words that she is out of diapers.... maybe that makes more sense for our situation.
Either way, at 29 months, she is doing great (and only six months with us).

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Joebob 510 said...

Can I lick their pussies