Thursday, July 9, 2009

3/4s of the way completed ~ What did you just say?

Well, after weeks of what seems like playing a one-side game of "phone-tag" Keith finally got in touch with our social worker (on the Thursday before we left for our beach trip reunion) with in regards to our home study for Benjamin James & Annabelle's 6 month post placement...and according to him, it is three-quarters of the way completed. NO! He didn't just say that - did he? Doesn't he know how important these two reports are to us? Doesn't he remember that he TOLD me that they would be completed within a few weeks after our first visit (back on May 11th). To ask if we are upset, you bet we are - but what else more can we do...we are at his mercy.

So to make it seem like we are moving along with our dossier, I am working on getting our 8 family photos together, our three couple photos together, and our extra passport photos as well. And after having our blood work repeated for a third time in the past four years the last time we were in PA, we also made an appointment with our physician for our dossier physical exam form on the 17th. We are trying ~ to move forward and not let this "bump" get us down....


since I do have two very funny photos to share with you all...I am including them in on this post! You know how most kids get gum stuck in their hair - not our daughter - she got...

that's right - a battery operated car stuck in her hair and yes I did have to cut it out!

Since this coming weekend will actually be our first official weekend home with only the four of us around ~ I am once again taking a short break from bloggerland to sit back and ENJOY! I'll catch up with you all next week!
Here's to all of us having one beautiful weekend ahead!!!!


Courtney said...

Enjoy your weekend. I can't believe she got a toy truck stuck in her hair!

sara said...

Oh, Francesca! Silly girl!!

This WILL be a great weekend; chill out - make some smores - laugh with the girls. Relax. Play dolls. Don't clean. Stay up late. Make homemade cinnamon rolls. Watch a movie.

have a good one! Catch up with you next week!

Michelle said...

Have a great weekend! Hope you are able to get all paperwork ready soon.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh my gosh....she is so funny!! My Dad had this happen when he was little and his Mom made him eat his dinner with the car stuck in his hair:)

I miss you guys....sorry that I have not been around, I have been a total blog slacker lately!!

Hopefully we can catch up this week....looks like you had a great time at the beach....can't believe how big the girls are getting!!!

Luv Ya,


mncfi said...

The car thing made me laugh. It happened to us too...except the kids were in the other room. They called out "Mum, Joeys got the car stuck in his hair". But before I could get there I heard " Don't worry - we got it out."
No tears, so I didn't worry. Until we got to church and I saw a completely bald spot on the back of my boy's head! Yup - they pulled out the car, hair and all! It took AGES to grow back.