Sunday, July 5, 2009

one amazing weekend!

After months of traveling for our daughters to China back in October 2008, 3 out of the 6 families reunited for one amazing weekend at Bethany Beach in Delaware! The house was beautiful, the beach was a ton of fun, the kiddos (between all of us there were 9 of them) were always laughing, the food was delicious, and the conversations were never-ending (along with a lot of laughing happening with the adults too) - we all truly had ONE AMAZING TIME!

"Thank You - Woody, Becky, J #1, J #2, CC, Little D, S Man, Tova, Al, Lori, and Hannah - for inviting our family along in sharing with you all one truly amazing weekend at the beach! We are already looking forward to meeting up again...and knowing from our very last conversation before we all headed out in our separate directions...that it will be happening very soon...Miss you all so very much."

J #1 and J #2 ~ I just love these two boys. They always had me in stitches! And next time, I will bet you both at some Checkers!

Lori, Hannah, and Al enjoying some ocean time!

Francesca & CC! I am not sure if you all remember but CC was one of the adopted children from our travel group. Francesca and she formed a bond in China that was never broken or forgotten....

Annabelle's first steps into the ocean - she just loved it!

Keith & me (OK so we needed some photos taken for Benjamin's dossier - no better time to take them than with other families who have already traveled down that road and know exactly what is needed...this was one of the couple's shot)

(and this was another - a family shot!)

Mama and her baby girl!

The boys playing in the sand....

Woody on "kiddo-watch" while us Mamas enjoyed some free time!

and again that's our Woody!

and this is our Hannah!

Our claim to the beach! (like how Annabelle is just passed out on the towel - that's my girl!)

Francesca being buried in the sand by CC and Hannah...

Francesca always loves a trip to the beach!

and our Annabelle - just plainly passed out!

Again, here you have CC - This beautiful young lady has truly changed me as a person, an adult, a friend, an on-looker, and as a mother. She is such a beautiful girl...inside and out! I would love to tell you more of her story, but her story is not mine to tell. All I can say is...she has changed me and touched me like no other person has ever had...

and last but not least....little Tova! She is such a cutie!

And well - there you have it! One amazing weekend - wrapped up in one heart-felt post!

(Keith snapped 99% of the photos this past weekend and I must say, he did a great job at it! After snapping over 300 of them, I think he is starting to actually like it!)

As for Jen/Brian Family, Karen Family and Lisa/Monty Family - we all miss you guys so very much! Hopefully we can all plan something half way in between all our homes for a reunion!


amy said...

all of these pics are just awesome!!!!

Linda said...

great pics! It looks like a great time. Going to Sara's tomorrow. Hugs will be passed around and your name WILL be mentioned!
Love you, :)

Jodee Leader said...

What a fun weekend at the beach! It looks like the girls had a blast! Cute pictures!

My hubby is in D.C. this week. I wish I could have tagged along so I could have met up with you and Garlic Lisa!

Janelle said...

how FUN! Love Bethany! Before my parents got a place in OC, we always rented in Bethany. Such a great family beach. I'm a little jealous....