Friday, July 24, 2009

Can it be? (and a few photos too)

Since I know that Grandma can't wait for the newest photos...I will post them first!

Annabelle and her Daddy!

(I swear...she gets more beautiful every day)

And I just couldn't forget about our Francesca - check out the position she got herself into while playing on the living room couch...
Our silly, silly, silly girl!

OK ~ so I do have a little bit of some interesting...VERY to report...After weeks and weeks of waiting...our social worker sent us our first "unapproved" copy of our home study report to us and our agency this past Wednesday! Can it be? Now, before we all start getting excited here - I did personally reviewed the whole thing and in my opinion, there are some changes that need to be made (and I am sure our agency is going to agree with me on this one). Seeing how our social worker is again on vacation next week, I don't see "an approved" - and might I add - a corrected home study in the near future...ugh.

So with that said - I hope you all have a wonderful weekend as we are going to take this set-back as another hurdle for us to conquer which will only make us stronger for this road that still lies ahead in this amazing journey to our waiting son (who ever said that this process would be easier the 3rd time around...the harder it is ~ the strong we become...)

I'll be seeing you all sometime next week...


Jodee Leader said...

I love the Daddy/Daughter pictures. Have a great weekend!

Keisha said...

Love the pictures too!!! &
YAHOO on the home study! Praying all goes smoothly!

sara said...

Good Grief! At least you had the great pics of the girls - Mr. Casey obviously has never had a baby waiting for him in China!!!

Praying for you to have peace and for sweet Benjamin to somehow know in his little heart that he has a family and that they are coming!!!

Love you,