Friday, July 17, 2009

What one pair of Spider Man Pajamas can do for One's Soul & Spirit...

(ok so I more or less stated in the previous post that I wasn't going to be posting anything until after this weekend, but this just couldn't wait...)

As I walked down to retrieve our mail Thursday afternoon, I was still reeling from the fact that our social worker is once again on vacation until next week. (and before you can even ask...yes our home study is STILL NOT completed UGH!) With a ton of emotions flowing inside of me, I almost forgot where I was headed. (it is a lot longer walk to our mailbox now than it was when in PA) When I opened up our box, there sat a huge manila envelope stuffed inside. Seeing how I knew I didn't purchase anything lately that would fit inside a manila envelope, I was very curious. As I walked back up our drive way, I searched for a return address and there it was a package from the McClintock's! (from one of the bestest friend ANYONE could ask for!!!!) I couldn't make it into the house fast enough to rip open that package and see what delights were hidden inside. Once I did and "the surprises" fell onto the kitchen counter, there laid the most perfect gift I so needed at that exact moment...A Set of Spider Man Pajamas!

How could a friend so far away who was wrapped up in her own family's move from Colorado to Iowa, adjustment, care, her own blog at and all the other crazy stuff we moms deal with every day know exactly what I needed to make it through this wait! I don't know how she did, but she did. THANK YOU MY DEAREST & SWEETEST FRIEND SARA - YOU ARE MY ROCK THROUGH THIS WHOLE CRAZY PROCESS!

This is the first piece of "anything & everything" that I have obtained for our Benjamin! When we started paper chasing for Francesca, I went crazy with buying everything and anything I saw and just had to have! With Annabelle, I didn't buy as much (seeing how I went way overboard with Francesca) but she still got some new pieces of clothing...and now with the hold-up on our home study (no fault to us) I haven't purchased one thing for our Benjamin (we haven't even sent a care package out to him sad is that). Well - this weekend that is all about to change! I vowed to myself that I will be going out and purchasing some great stuff for our Benjamin! Nothing is going to hold me back now!

This is actually going to happen...we have a son waiting for us in China!

***I am also in contact with some very special angels who are trying to get me some updated photos and medical information on our Benjamin. I am praying that by next week, we will have "something" more to share...***


Oatsvall Team said...

oh how we need sisters to walk w/ .... love it and praying here ... i am in desperate need of a web designer if you know of one ... i can't wait to get the site up and start helping others adopt !!!!

love ya and blessings today

LaLa said...

OH, how wonderful!! As you know, I had a house of "girl only" stuff too and when we were referred our little man I felt so bad as I had no boy goodies...yeah, that changed too. Believe me, boy stuff can be sooo much fun : )

Jodee Leader said...

What a fabulous surprise! It sounds like it appeared at the perfect time too. That was so nice of Sara!

Hope you have a great weekend!

sara said...

Seriously, I feel so bad it was JUST Pajamas!! I wish I had sent something way cuter & more personal!! We were just walking the aisles at Wally and I thought back to how my little men loved batman and spiderman pjs, with the capes & all that! I imagined your sweet son jumping off of your couch and chasing his sisters in his spiderman jammies.....

It IS going to happen, Shell - keep the faith!


Donna said...

I'm so envious of anyone embarking on this amazing journey again. I have two daughters and a son. They're such incredible blessings!

Our blog: Double Happiness!

Sue said...

So sorry that your sw is being such a slowpoke. What a wonderful pick-me-up you got from your friend though - just when you needed it most! I hope you did some retail therapy this weekend and are getting ready to send off a package to your boy. Fingers crossed you will get that hs soon!