Thursday, May 3, 2007

Dreaming of Francesca & Janelle...

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I wasn't planning on posting anything today, since I am trying to get everything ready for our (Francesca and me) trip to Virginia this coming weekend...hoping to leave within the next two hours...but for the first time last night, I dreamed about our two girls, Francesca and Janelle! When we were going through our adoption with Francesca, I would dream about her always, but would never see her face. Last night's dream was a little different, for I was able to see Francesca's face, but I couldn't see Janie's. We were first in the car, driving some where & singing to Dan Zanes, next we were walking holding hands through a park of some-sort, and finally we were all playing & running around on a beach. I woke up this morning (very early) and wanted so badly to go back to dreaming this wonderful dream, but it did not happen. So I did the next best thing...grabbed a cup of coffee and started watching (and shopping on QVC). Now I just got to get my butt in gear & start getting ready.

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LaLa said...

Awww...sweet dreams. Have fun on your trip!