Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Update on Francesca

Today, Francesca went to the Pediatric Gastroenteroloist (I hope I am spelling that correct) after having a years worth of bowel problems, we finally found out what is making her not go to the bathroom and/or go 3-6xs a day. She was dx with functional constipation with a megacolon. What that means is that her lining at her bottom is really stretched. We were advised not only by this Doctor, but her pediatrician as well, not to start potting training her until we get the problem under control. They said that since the muscle is stretched, it is making her go every time she has something to release. They are not sure how this happen (since she has had bowel problems since our gotcha day in 11/05) and we don't know her family history, but we are really going to work with her doctors to get this taken care of so she can start living a normal life (at least a normal potty life).

She has been on medicine to help her form soft bowels & we must keep up with the medicine...and the soft bowels...so the muscle will again relax and go back into it normal shape.

She was so good today at the doctor's office. She only cried a little when we first walked into the exam room and while she had her rectal exam (but we can't blame her on that one). I can't tell you how relieved we are to finally know what is going on & how we need to get "it" back on track. I guess I better buy some stock in diapers because it is going to be at least another year before we can really start the training.

Francesca weight is 32.1 lbs and she is 37.2" tall...now that's one tall little girl!

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LaLa said...

So glad you have a cause for the problems now and can get to work on it. It really is so frustrating not knowing what our girls went through for the first year or their family history. Just one thing we have to deal with...but oh, the rewards we reap : )