Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I can't believe it has been TWO YEARS already....

Where does the time go....On this day, November 8th, Lin Gui Mei (who is now known as Francesca Mei) was placed in my arms around 4pm China time at the Civil Affairs office in Nanchang. It was truly a moment that will forever live in our hearts! She is a true blessing! Here is a photo of our Gotcha Moment! Mommy & Daddy are just beaming, while Francesca is screaming her head off!

Let's just hope that Sofia is a little more receptive to us when her Gotcha Day comes around! But even if she too is screaming just like her sister did...that is perfectly fine with us (at least we know now how to handle it). Without making you wait any is our 1st official family photo!

The Leonard Family!

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Like I said, it was a day forever etched in our hearts!

I am going to be away from my laptop the next few days (not by choice). For some reason, the darn thing went hay-wire on me yesterday and after having the "professionals" look at seems my mother-board & hard drive are shot! (Thank God my Mom is kind enough to let me use hers while I visited today). Since I have a Dell, I have to wait unitl a tech comes to our house and installs what is needed...and according to Dell, it won't be until next week...yikes! It is driving me nuts not having my laptop available & the sooner it gets fixed the better. So if you really need to reach me, you'll have to do it the old-fashion way...calling me on the phone.

This coming weekend I was hoping to post photos of Francesca's first day at her swimming lessons and my nephew's birthday party, but as soon as I get my laptop up & running, you can be sure I'll have lots of photos to please check back later next week!


LaLa said...

Isn't it hard to believe?? We are so lucky to be blessed with these sweet girls. Two years ago today we were boarding a plane for China so we were right behind you : )

sara said...

OH MY!! What an amazing day for you! I love love love GOTCHA day:) Can't wait for OURS!!

Janelle said...

Congratulations! What an amazing day for your family, it's so fun to remember (and emotional, too!).

Sue said...

Yippeee!!!! Happy Family Day Leonard Family!!!!

What a precious photo! Our social worker here kept drilling in the fact that crying on Gotcha Day is good... which is true but it doesn't make it any easier for new parents! :) Hope you celebrated in style yesterday!

Rina, John & Annalisa said...

Happy 2nd anniversary!

I hope Sophia joins the family sooner than you think.


amy said...

what a lovely post and picture!! Congrats