Sunday, September 21, 2008

FINALLY...GOOD NEWS to report!!!

On Thursday, my family and I made the very hard and painful decision to return home (starting out on Friday) and leave my aunt under the care of the hospital. As hard as that decision was, my aunt understood fully why we had to leave and what we will be doing. First, my mom is going to be working on getting her transferred back a hospital in/or around our area. There is so much work that needs to be done and it was nearly impossible to do anything while in we left to return home on Friday. As I said before, it was very hard to leave, but after hearing the nurses and doctors confirm to us how much my aunt has improved over the past few days, we did what we had to do...Since we return home, my aunt health has improved tremendously and it couldn't have been possible without all your prayers and support...THANK YOU! (it is truly amazing how my aunt pulled through...from at first hearing that she only had a 10% chance of surviving to hearing that she can be coming home is truly amazing!)

Once we finally made it home after a very VERY long ride and I had a chance to sit down and go through my mail...guess what we got...OUR 797C!!!! That's right! So all that's left to do is send a copy of it off to our agency and get our visas for our travel to our Annabelle (which I am currently working on...)

Finally, I feel like things are moving aunt is really pulling through this terrible grandmother's health has also improved do to the fact of changing around her medication...and we are one step closer in bringing our Miss Annabelle Faith home!


Steffie B. said...

I am so sorry that I have been behind on all this news....I will keep you in my prayers and that the Lord will have His healing hand upon your Aunt.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

This is fantastic news Shelly!!

Glad to hear your Aunt is making lots of process...the power of prayer is simply amazing!!

Hooray for the 797....soon we will see Annabelle's precious face....I can't wait!!

Jodee Leader said...

So glad to hear things are getting better. I am wishing your aunt a speedy recovery!

sara said...

YaY!! Thank You, Jesus!! Glad to hear about all the progress at The Leonard household!!!

lindanuts said...

You are being graced by the Lord for sure. He sees how deeply you care and how far you will go to be there for your loved ones. He is rewarding your love and patience by speeding up the people in paperwork purgatory.
Can you imagine how the people in such positions really feel? It must be a truely thankless, glamourless job. We should all take a moment to pray for them so they can continue to bring together these forever families....

Sue said...

So happy to read your good news! We will keep your aunt in our prayers - that she continues to improve and that she can be brought closer to her family. And that you will now have smooth sailing planning that trip to Annabelle!!!

jiangxigirls said...

So happy to hear all the good news -- your Aunt and the 797C! Your Aunt will continue to be in our prayers and we can't wait to hear when you get to get Miss Annabelle!