Monday, September 8, 2008

Very Positive email....

Since receiving our referral for Annabelle, I have become very close to many of the other parents whose children are also at New Hope. One of the mothers is currently in China and has been united with her daughter for almost a week. She and I have talked extensively (before she traveled) on the joys of having our daughters being cared for at such an amazing facility, but we also wondered what it was going to be like for our daughters once they left New Hope and were united with their forever families. I have heard from several of the other parents whose children were cared for at New Hope and every one of them has told me how wonderful New Hope is at preparing these children for the transition (there is so much more that I have learned regarding how New Hope prepares these children but will not go into details here). And with this parent who is currently in China has just reconfirmed to me what I have been hearing all along. This morning I received an email from her and it is all very positive information regarding her daughter and how well prepared she was...and how well adjusted she has become since being united with her family (and how much English she knows and understands). From what I learned about her daughter was that she too was extremely close to her nannies and her bed mate at New Hope. I have been warned that Annabelle will probably have a hard time seeing how well she is being cared for (and it totally concerned us), but after hearing what all these other families had to say about their experiences, it so makes us feel that more positive that this will be truly a well-prepared uniting. Now, I am not saying that that every child is the same and our experience may be totally different (and after going through what we did when we were united with Francesca, we feel that we are prepared again to take some punches as well too), but like I stated earlier, after hearing not one negative remark...we are thinking very positively! Our belief is that..."If you go into the situation with a positive attitude, positive results is what you will receive..." And that is exactly what we are doing....

Now all we need is our LOA, 797C approval, our TA and CA...and off we go!!!!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...


This is some really good lucky that you have this family to communicate with before you meet Annabelle!

I totally agree with you...It is all in the attitude!!

Stay positive my friend:)

How is Francesca?


sara said...

YaY!!! Isn't is amazing? We are so blessed, Shell, so blessed!

I would love to chat with you today! Call me when you can!

LaLa said...

So happy to hear that she is being well cared for. I am thrilled that her heart is being prepared for what is to come and I pray her transition is smooth :)