Monday, September 1, 2008

Photos from our weekend in MICHIGAN!!!

What fun we all had while visiting our extended family in Michigan!!! Here are some photos from our weekend of fun!!! Uncle Owen, Aunt Amy, and Katie...we here at the Leonard household already miss you guys so much and we can't wait to see you all again...hoping very soon!

Francesca and Kate enjoying some late night golf!

Photos from our Yihuang Reunion...

(Eliza, me, Kathy, and Aunt Amy)

(Beth and her beautiful daughter, Emma)

Our Yihuang Girls! Francesca, Kate, Eliza, and Emma!

All the kiddos....Francesca, Eleanor, Jack, Eliza, Kate, Emma, Olivia, and Hannah!

Jack, Olivia, Hannah, and Emma had a special gift to present to us this past Saturday at the reunion. It was an envelope filled with money that they raised by selling lemonade, baked cookies and brownies for bringing our Annabelle home (The note that was included is a beautiful treasure that we were always hold dear to our hearts). These kids are truly remarkable and amazing young children! To the Randles..."We are so touched by what you and your family has done and it will never be forgotten...Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!"

The Whole Gang!

(Uncle Owen, Kate, me, Francesca, Keith, Beth, Emma, Aunt Amy, Hannah, Olivia, Jerry, Eleanor, Jack, Kathy, Eliza...and one missing...Emma's Dad, Matt who was on a much needed break.)

The kids sure had a great time as did the parents! We are so looking forward to seeing everyone again very soon...and I am thinking that the next time we are all together, Annabelle will be home!!!

Back at the house, just having some fun...

Katie just having some fun with me!

The girls playing dress-up!

I couldn't get her to smile for anything when I was taking this photos, but don't you just love those earrings she is wearing. I see modeling in her future!
We had such a great time and we are so looking forward to when we can see each other again!
We have all talked about some dates of when we will meet again, but with the not-knowing of when we might be traveling for Annabelle, everything is so up in the air at this time, but it will be very soon because we just can't wait too long to see each other again!


Kate said...

Looks like a fabulous visit...and oh so sweet of those children to raise money for your Annabelle...truly touching...and I have to think those prents are sure doing something right...we could all take a lesson!!

Great pictures!!


LaLa said...

Oh,looks like you had so much fun!!!! What a sweet gift to help bring your baby home : )

LINDA said...

Kids are truely great!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a wonderful weekend!!

I just love what the kids did for you....that is so sweet....something to tell Annabelle one day!

The pictures are great and the reunion looked like a blast....what a bunch of cute kids!

Colleen said...

What a fun time!!!!!! Great pictures!

sara said...

What a gorgeous park & gorgeous girls!! SOOO, no news, eh? Dang it. And I guess Amy didn't get her "call" while you were there!!!

Rebecca said...

Aren't they cute in their dress-up outfits!!! Reminds me so much of my girls... they love dress-up.

The photos are wonderful. I love that the kids helped to raise money for Annabelle. That is such a beautiful, beautiful thing.


Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

Looks like everyone had a fantastic visit!!

Sue said...

So cool to meet up with some of your travel group! Love the photos of the girls!!! And so incredibly sweet that they raised some money towards your trip!!!

Did Eleanor go to China on the trip? I think we met them and she and J were the same age. My it seems like such a long time ago!