Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's a girl to do?

What's a girl to do while waiting for 1) TA and 2) our 797C...well...She shops! I found this beautiful custom made dress online at a fabulous children's boutique late last night and I just couldn't resist!

I got both the girls matching monogrammed dresses (with their full names) in the color shown above. I am just so excited!!! My husband being an identical twin is about to kill me over the fact of purchasing both girls matching outfits. (and this isn't the first set) He said he has lived a majority of his life matching his 99.2% identical brother and he really doesn't want his children to have to suffer through what he did. As you can see, I didn't listen to him...that silly husband of mine! Anyway, I'll let you guys know how the dresses turn out once they arrive (in about 4-6 weeks)!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hi Shelly.....That dress is so adorable...and times cute!!!

How did I not know that Keith was a is Pat!!!

Have a good night!


sara said...

Shell - email me where you got this dress!!!!! Love ya!

How fun that Keith is a twin!!

amy said...

How precious!

Beth said...

Congrats Leonard family on your LOA! That dress is adorable! Liv and Hannah are not twins but they wear the same size. When I buy them the same outfit, I usually buy different colors. The girls will ask why I didn't just buy the same thing so they each had one. So tell Keith that girls are different! (Just don't buy white because the dirt shows easier and if you have one that is neat, one that is messy...that can be a problem) Annabelle is going to want to look just like her sissy and I am sure Francesca won't mind being looked up to. So Shop away!

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

I can see how that would have been hard to resist~ so adorable.

Have a great weekend,


Jodee Leader said...

I love this dress! If I had two girls, I would definitely dress them alike too! Can't wait to see pictures of them!

Colleen said...

Love the dress too cute!!! ok you need to post where you got the dress...I know I have seen this dress somewhere but in a different color...but I can't remember where. My girls have a few outfits a like but they rarely are dressed a like...they are so different.

Kim said...

Hi Shelly,

My name is Kim, I am the Assistant Manager of My Miracle, where you bought the Princess Linen Dresses) We love your stories and my boss asked me to contact you. We would love to send you some freebies as a special thanks for posting our name in your blog. We are truly inspired and awed by your courage and determination to get these 2 beauties adopted into your loving family. They definitely deserve you as their mother and father. Please contact me at Have a Merry Christmas!

Kim DiStefano
Assistant Manager
my Miracle, Inc.