Sunday, February 1, 2009

A fun morning out and more!

Last week (before the snow and ice storm came) we had a fun play date with a few friends at Chuck E. Cheese. I don't think I need to say any more...the photos will speak for themselves showing how much fun we all had!

Our Annabelle loving the Chuck E. Cheese School Bus!

Francesca's favorite ride! (I am seeing horse back riding lessons in our future...)

(she rode that horse about 25 times in the course of two hours)

Our Little Drivers...

Gavin and Francesca

This rocket ride was Annabelle's favorite!

Air-Hockey ~ I think Francesca played this game with almost every child that was there that day!

Annabelle & Scott Joe teaming up on the Jet Ski!

Mary (Gavin's Mom) and Annabelle posing for a photo!

Scott Joe and Francesca just loved this one too!

(they rode this ride for almost a half-in-hour straight!)

"Our Bubble Boy"

(Once he got up there, he couldn't find his way out! I thought for sure one of us adults were going to have to go up there and save him. Luckily for us, he followed our instructions on how to get back down.)

Two sisters enjoying some time together...

"Hang on there, Annabelle!"

Now it was Francesca's turn to ride the Chuck E Cheese School Bus!

We all had such a great time and are planning on doing it again ~ very soon!

Also, last week while giving the girls a bath, both were enjoying some Tea For Two Time in The Bath Tub! (the tea set was given to them for Christmas from our neighbors, Grandma Nancy and Joe Pa ~ Gavin's grandparents) Since the photos show a little more than what I would want displayed here, I am posting them to Annabelle's web site. Here is a quick preview of just how much laughing we all did!

You must go check it out!
Hope you all had a great weekend...I know we sure did!


Marla said...

How cute! That looks like a super fun time!

Jodee Leader said...

Cute pictures! My kids love Chuck E. Cheese's too!

sara said...

Looks like everyone had a blast at CHUCK E CHEESE!! We haven't been for years ;) Praise God!! HAHAHA!! I can't wait to see how much fun the girls had in the bathtub!!

amy said...

oh those are fun pics!!!

Sue said...

What fun!!!! It is always a great time to hit the rides and play games....and get cheapy things with the tickets!!! Glad they had such a good time!