Thursday, February 5, 2009

the Smart Cycle and our Annabelle taking control of the conversation

Francesca got this Smart Cycle from Papa & Grandma C for her birthday...Not only does she love it but Annabelle does too! It is truly one of the favorites in our house! Just check out our girls go....

And here are some examples of our Miss Annabelle taking control of the conversation...

This past week...

Francesca & I were working on going over "the seasons of the year" as we were going over the season, Summer...I asked Francesca, "What season is it when it is hot outside, we can go swimming, and take some picnics?" Francesca response was, "Can I have a hint?" As I started to give out a few hints as to what season it would be, Annabelle spoke up and said ~ loud & clear ~ SUMMER!


While we were eating lunch on Monday, Francesca was getting to the end of her meal and she asked me, "How many more bits do I have to take, Mom?" My response to her was "Three." As she started to bit and chew her food, we counted..."One, Two..." and before we could say three, our little Miss Annabelle spoke up again and shouted, "THREE!" It is truly amazing how fast she is learning - and picking up on...everything!!!

(As for Francesca and the season, summer: she knew what season it was...she just loves seeing me acted out the hints! Boy, if anyone was ever looking through my window, they would seriously think I am crazy!!!)


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

The smart cycle looks like so much cute are the girls riding away!!

They are like little sponges soaking up everything.....I am so glad that Annabelle has adjusted so well.....I can only imagine what you looked like acting out the seasons:)

Hope you are having a great to you soon, Sorry I didn't get back to you, by the time I hung up with my boss, I was at my next destination!


Kate said...

So cute....and very healthy if I do say so myself!!! Annabelle just sounds amazing...a good match for her big sister for sure!!!

Hope your are staying warm up north....we're all ready for that summer season you were talking about!!!


amy said...

how fun, they are just too sweet

Jodee Leader said...

That smart cycle looks like a blast!

Cute conversations with Annabelle! Both of your girls are just adorable!

Have a great weekend!