Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Me & My Dad

I have been wanting to post this photo that was taken around Thanksgiving time by my stepmother of me and my Dad. I just love it! I miss them so. Seeing how they live at the beach, I know we'll be making a lot of trips down there this coming summer....and we can't wait! (Francesca is already talking about going to Papa & Grandma C's house at the beach!)

Life here in our household has been really cRaZy this week. Annabelle has been a handful. Not sure if she is just "searching herself out" or if she is not feeling well but I am very ~ tired ~ and it is only Wednesday. Also, we have been doing a lot of running around this week. The weather here has been beautiful so we are finally venturing outside to enjoy the sunshine and melting snow. Today I had an appointment with Francesca's therapist that went very well and seems promising. I just hope that what suggestions she gave to us work. (I know I haven't mention Francesca going to therapist before this but we decided about a month ago to seek some additional help on her mega colon/potty issues). Seeing how she can't join any activities (like dance, art classes, and preschool) because of her mega colon, we need to do something to help her. So as you can see...things have been a little crazy around here.

(so looking forward to the weekend...and it is coming soon)


Janelle said...

parents with a house at the beach: a very good thing (my folks have a second home there). Hoping your week looks up - we had a great day outside yesterday, too.

sara said...

I love the picture of you & your Dad - AND a beach house!! BONUS! I may have to come & visit too :)

I know the feeling of being t-i-r-e-d. I underestimate the power of being outnumbered; I sure did. And I know you go alone most of the week, so exhausted must be something you know!! Well, we are sisters in that!!

Glad to hear that F's appointment went well - poor girl :) I look forward to the day when she can do dance!! So, you should post about the differences between your 2 mega colon girls - since they have obvious differences; one being surgically corrected & all?? I am curious & I know some people considering Waiting Children may want to know too!

I am sorry that we haven't gotten any packages from the girls! If you sent it to Sundance Kid Drive, it has to be forwarded & that sometimes takes a while (a month in one instance!) And we never got one :( Sad, I know!! But hopefully, we are DONE moving!!

Love to you!! Hang in is almost Friday!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I love that pic of you and your sweet!!

It had been a ZOO here too, I am climbing the walls......hope to call you tomorrow....I pray that she is better by then....not sure how much more I can handle:(

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

Love the picture!!! And I think most of us can relate to feeling frazzled/exhausted. Hooray for weekends!!!!!!!

Eric and Tiffany said...

I love the picture of you and your Dad. How excited to have a beach house to go to. Sorry to hear Annabelle has been a handful. We will be praying for you guys and your girls. I pray that all of the therapy works for her.

Colleen said...

I love the picture of you and your two sure look a like :) Happy Valentine's Day my friend!!!