Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day and Mom's New Adventure!

Happy Mother's Day...from our family to yours

AND...if you haven't noticed (seeing what's on my sidebar), but I am finally getting around to explaining my new business adventure! As many of you know, I am an artist at heart! Painting, drawing & designing have ALWAYS been my PASSION! Before we started the paper chase for Francesca back in September 2004, I had really built up a name for myself among the artist community. I was "ask" over & over again to place my paintings and drawings in shows and galleries all over the world and to my surprise many of my creations actually SOLD! I can't begin to tell you what it felt like when you would see that "SOLD" sign next to one of your masterpieces. Not only were my pieces selling in galleries and show but they were also selling (and taking custom orders) online. My business, Shelly's Impressions, was truly the ride of a life time (I can't begin to tell you what I felt inside when an invitation would come in the mail asking me to feature one of my pieces). And all of this came to an end when we started paper chasing for Francesca. It just seemed like I couldn't concentrate on anything but getting that paper work done - let alone try to accomplish a painting for a show or gallery. I packed up all my paints and other supplies...and said to myself, "Someday, I'll be back." Well, after Francesca arrived home, my life as I knew it was never the same again. I had a very hard time adjusting to life as a new mom and Francesca just had a hard time period. After a lot of struggles, TONS OF LOVE, and a show of devotion, she and I formed a bond that will never be broken. Than came along Annabelle. Once we arrived home with daughter #2, I was so sure my life was even going to be crazier than it was before...and it was...only for a little while. Annabelle adjusted very well to me and our family's life style (so well that she formed an extremely close bond to me when in China that I will never be able explain). As the months rolled by, and those invitations still came in asking me to submit one of my pieces, we decided that more...we can and will try for another adoption...I started feeling those creative juices inside of me flow and scream for release once again. So through all that has been going on, I decided to open (yet again) another studio with a completely different twist, Mei Faith Studio ~ Original Jewelry Designs. (OK backing up here a bit) While I was doing my paintings, I also made a few exotic jewelry pieces (featuring semi precious stone, 14 KT gold and sterling silver) that were also featured in shows and gallery displays...and to my surprise, they sold too! I only made a few...seeing how I was so wrapped up with my paintings, but after having those creative juices once again surface, they were pulling towards my collection of amazing stones and forgotten jewelry designs. Mei Faith Studio was born. Since that time, I have sold a few pieces in galleries and speciality shops...and I also started my own shop on (that's it on my side bar). While my jewelry designs will never replace what I had with my paintings, I am loving this new direction my life and artistic expression has taken. Even when I packed up all my paintings the first time, I still received many invites to galleries shows and expos. Once - and only once did I actually complete a piece for a show and it sold within the first 30 minutes the doors opened. I guess it was that one piece that made me see that I can do this (have my family and my passion)...and that people are still loving my creations. I hope you all take a little time out of your busy lives to check out my new stuff. I would love to hear all your feedback...good or bad ;) This is a new road for that I have taken before...just with different twists and turns. So there you have least for now. I promise - more excitement and more WONDERFUL NEWS is about to come our way....once again. Here's to a blessed week ahead...

I also want to give a shout out to one of my blogging buddies, Colleen over at the NutHouse. It was she that really introduced me to Etsy back in March when I - no the Easter Bunny - was looking for a Wendy nightgown per Francesca's request. Since she does make some beautiful children's clothes, she was the first one I contacted. She directed me to Etsy and the rest is we say. Thank You Colleen for opening my eyes to a place where I can share Mei Faith Studio's designs.

As for our life in the Leonard household...things have been busy...VERY BUSY! I think you all know what's about to happen, but again, it isn't until the proper channels are covered that we make that official announcement. Tons of paper work is already happening...along with a move to Washington my life as a wife, daughter and friend...and raising our two girls...there have been days (this past week) that I am surprised I remembered to breathe...but I am loving it!


Kate said...


Your pieces are beautiful and I commend you for getting back in touch with your obvious talent and creativity...something that I also lost for a few years and am just re-discovering...although I don't have as much talent as you have in one little finger!!! :-) What a gift!!!

One question...are you going to have to add on a name to the name of your business soon??? :-)

Happy Mother's Day!!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...


I am so happy for you....and thrilled that you are doing something that you are so passionate about.....I know that you will be a huge success, you are very talented and have a great business mind!! Can't wait to come over and do some shopping at your new store:)

Hope that you have a wonderful Mother's Day with your beautiful family.......Life is good....enjoy every moment of it my friend!!

Miss you girl

Teresa said...

Congratulations on your new business venture! The designs are beautiful.

Sooo, can't wait to hear of you news soon! :)

sara said...


Your stuff is GORGEOUS! I am off to shop this morning (it IS Mother's Day, after all :)) I had no idea you were so talented! Here I thought you were JUST funny & beautiful. Hmmff.

I hope you enjoy your Mom's Day & take a breather!!

Someone gave me some great advice:


This really meant a lot to me, since, obviously, there is SO MUCH in a young Mother's life that is URGENT!

The URGENT stuff doesn't always "pay the dividends" like the IMPORTANT stuff; like reading with the girls - taking that evening walk, reserving time alone with the hubs.

You & I are about to embark upon a whole new adventure - feels good to do it together! (and NOT China!!) lol!

Hapy Mother's Day,

Marla said...

Wow, you are one talented lady! Congrats on your new adventure (and on your new little one)!!! :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Jodee Leader said...

Congrats on your new business venture! I know it will be a huge success!

Happy Mother's Day!

Keisha said...

Oh.. Congratulations My friend!!! You inspire me!! Love your story.
I hope you put all of that on your homepage of etsy...!!
Okay.. now I'm going to check out that AWESOME jewlry!!!!!!
Happy Mother's Day to you 2!

Colleen said...

Shelly I am so excited and proud of you!!!!!! I will everything in my power to help promote your beautiful work. You are going to be so successful....I just know it!!! : )
Love you girlfriend!!!