Thursday, December 10, 2009

did she or didn't she...oh yes she did!

This is a drawing I found one evening after everyone else was all tucked into bed. The next morning I asked Keith if he happened to draw anything on the doodle board last night and he said, "No, but I know Francesca was playing with it." I than showed him the drawing and I think his mouth hit the did mine when I first saw it. (please remember as much as I dislike to call myself an "artist", I am...and I know...or should I make that knew... full well that "art" is not...was not...Francesca's hidden talent). With that said, when Francesca finally got up, I proceeded to ask her if she drawn the picture and her response was, "Yes, Mommy! Can't you see, that is Daddy, you, me, and Annabelle. Do you like it Mommy?"

Oh course we all know my answer to that question.

As for Francesca, she truly loves to draw, color, paint, and craft {just about everything}. And as you can see from the photo displayed above ~ my baby has some hidden talent!!!

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Michelle said...

I love it... She defintely has talent..Amazing...

Karrie said...


Theis Family said...

Very cute drawing, tell her good job from us!

Football & Fried Rice said...

She IS talented - adorable!!! Where is baby Ben???


I love that girl :)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh my word.....the girl is very talented!! Artist indeed!!

Luv Ya Girl!!



Sue said...

Soooo Cute!!!

Gotta tell ya. Saw that our local outlet mall has opened a Vera Wang store. I immiediately thought of you!!!
So if you're ever in my neighborhood....I'll take you! We are only 10 minutes away - seriously!!!(slightly north and slightly colder, LOL!)