Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just couldn't resist....

After really looking {and organizing} all the stuff I have purchased since October for the girls for Christmas...I realized that I truly don't have all that much. Annabelle being two, doesn't totally understand the whole "Santa" thing just yet (but she's learning) so with me getting her a complete Snow White Collection which includes...a Snow White costume, Snow White's matching red glitter shoes, a Snow White matching Teddy Bear and the Snow White DVD...she is so done! (she also got a few other things but the Snow White goodies are the main presents for her this year).

As for Francesca...besides a few DVDs, a complete collection of Bendaroos (which she has been asking for since last year) and a few pieces of clothing (and that's no fun for a 4-year-old) ~ I really don't have anything this year for her. In my opinion this year is the first year that she truly understands about Santa and I am feeling the pressure to find that something special that will rock her world (as mine was all those years ago when I got my Mandy & Jenny dolls along with matching doll carriage).

Anyway, last night I ventured downstairs to the only locked door in our house. It was there that I started organizing all the gifts purchased and waiting to be wrapped. It was also than that I realized...Francesca doesn't have that one gift that will make her month drop on Christmas morning. Once the kiddos were put to bed, I sat down with Keith and started brain-storming on what we should get. Seeing how Francesca asked for very little and I mean VERY LITTLE this year (all she asked for where the Bendaroos, a dalmatian from 101 Dalmatians, a Lion King Figure...both which Grandma got for her...and a Spirit horse - from the movie ~ which I could not find), I remembered something posted on this blog about a pony that is so life like that your child will truly fall in love with it ~ a pony named Smores....

It was than I quickly got on my computer and showed Keith exactly what I was talking about. We both agreed that it would be perfect for her. After calling our local Toys R Us store to see if they still had them (which they did at an unbelievable price) I just knew I had to get one for her! After a 45 minute drive to our local Toys R Us store that should have taken me only 10 minutes (even with my British-speaking navigation system on board - I still got lost), I got Francesca her very own, Smores The Pony at a rock bottom price of $109!

(Oh how I can't wait to see her face when she sees it Christmas morning...!)

I truly think she is going to LOVE it! Now I know it is NOT the Spirit horse she was asking for ~ but this pony sure looks a lot like Spirit's girlfriend (that too was in movie)!


Sue said...

Oh My!!!!!!

I think BOTH girls will have their jaw drop when they see this cute pony!!!
(and make sure you get pics of that please!!!)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

She is going to go crazy on Christmas morning.... that horse is so cool!! My nephew has one called Butterscotch. It is the exact same thing, just a different color!! Make sure you have your camera ready when she sees Smores for the first time:)

Luv Ya,