Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Snap Shot for January 31st

Oh how do I love these Sunday Snap Shot photo displays! This week I am truly excited to feature two of the most important women in my mom & my sister.

Without them, I would truly be nothing...

Even though I am the complete polar opposite of either one of them - they both are strong "figures" in my life.

My mom...she has truly made me what I am today. Without her support, encouragement, LOVE, commitment, devotion, and understanding...I would not be typing this today. She went above & beyond to give me & my sister all that we needed to survive & thrive in this world today. She also was the first one I spoke to after Keith & I decided to seek adoption. She was also the first one to stand behind us and support us when others were a little bit "worried". As I stated before, I am nothing like her....and boy what a shame that is for me...for she was IS truly the BEST mother anyone could ask for! She is smart and I mean really smart! Ask her a question about anything, and she knows the answer. We are always telling her she needs to go on a game show and wins lots of money, but that is just not my mom. She is quiet and gentle. She is one of those people I turn to when things get tough. She has been and still is my sounding board {on several occasions} and has been my cheerleader when I needed it most! She is my mom and I love her so....

now as for...

My sister, Lisa...she is the one person who can make me laugh so hard that my sides hurt! She is another extremely smart person (unlike me and so much like our mother) - ask her anything and most likely she knows the answer. I so can not see my life without my sister. Just saying those words ~ my sister ~ hold so much power & joy for me. Growing up we were not the closest of sister (seeing how we were 4 years apart) but once I start college just as she was finishing...things changed and when you saw one of us - you saw the other. When I lived in Pennsylvania, I was at my sister's house every Tuesday & Thursday (from that first cup of coffee in the morning to the after lunch naps for the kiddos)...I was there. We talk almost every single day. We just returned for an almost two week vacation together and in my opinion, those 2 weeks together were just not enough. Just walking, talking, and laughing together was all I ever needed from her. Did we fight - of course - and we still do but I wouldn't want it any other way. This is my sister and she is truly one of those people you can easily fall in love with within minutes of meeting her ~ just as I have.

And last but not least BOTH of these women are FABULOUS cooks! Both have inspired me to try new things and learn a generation of family recipes.

Snap Shot Sunday 1

Again, I could go on & on about my mom and my sister but I know I would never have enough room here to do so and I would just end up boring you all so I will end this entry for now, but you can be sure that I will be featuring these two AMAZING women once again for future Sunday Snap Shot post!

Ni Hao Y'all


Football & Fried Rice said...

Oh my goodness - Shell, this was a beautiful post. And a great picture of you & your Mom & sister! I know how much you love these two..

I am glad that you have them, especially your sister - I am not close with either of my brothers - I wonder if they'd have been born with those double X chromosomes, if life would be different.

And then I think of Mya.

I might just be setting her up for the same reality :)

I can't wait to catch up with you this week on the phone! When can you talk?


p..s I am so proud of your Mom for raising you girls up to be such amazing women!

Love Letters To China said...

I too am fortunate enough to have a mom and sister like you speak of in your post. I come from a tight knit Italian family where family always comes first. I can relate to every sentence you have written... what a beautiful post.

Theis Family said...

What beautiful women! BTW Shelly I think you are amazingly smart and a wonderful mother!! Just like your Mom:)

Wanda said...

It's so lovely to hear how much your mom and sister have meant to you. Warms my heart!

Wanda (at Last...)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a sweet post....and I love the picture of you girls.....three beautiful women!

I am sure it is so hard now that you have moved away...... I would be lost without my Mom and Sister close by!!

Have a wonderful week my friend!



Colleen said...

aaaaahhhhhh what a sweet post!!! Love the picture : ) Did you know that Livi sleeps with her ladybug quilt every night!!!! She loves it!!!

Stefanie said...

I am with Sara... what a beautiful post! And what a great picture, too :)
I am very close with my mom and sister too, it's a blessing indeed!!
Great Snapshot, Shelly!!