Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Year Of The Tiger ~ and ~ For Our Benjamin

part one ~ Seeing how this coming Sunday will be the official kickoff of 2010 Chinese New Year ~ Year Of The Tiger, I though I would share with you all a few pictures that have been sent to me over the past week in honor of celebrating Chinese New Year ~ 2010!

Last week, I completely decorated our house in paper lanterns, red silk ribbons (direct from Beijing), glowing pagodas, and some very beautiful Chinese silk fans! The girls were super excited over seeing these very special decorations adorn our home once again and Keith has made reservations at our favorite Chinese restaurant, Lee's Kitchen here in DC! Oh words can not express how excited we are for this coming weekend...Let the celebration ~ begin...!

part two ~ I have finally gotten around to updating For Our Benjamin's web site! These are truly exciting times for us here at the Leonard household...not to mention very emotional and trying and we sit and wait-and wait-and wait for our LOA to arrive....

I will be posting regularly to our son's web site. Many of the posts will be informing you all on our time line, details of our care packages (which one has already been sent), and any updates we receive on him - but - it will also be place where I will be posting some very important messages and stories that I feel need to be recorded.

I do hope you all will once again join us in our adoption journey!

And I am hoping to be posting from this site when we do travel once again to China this coming summer!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hi Shelly,

Are you ready for MORE SNOW? Get your cocktails ready....LOL!! This is SO NUTS!

I bet the house looks great.....please take some pictures for us and post them:) I am sure the girls were filled with delight as you started to put things out. Are you doing anything special this weekened to celebrate?

Hope you have a great week!! I will be heading over to Benjamin's blog and I will add it so you come up in my google reader when you update:)

Luv Ya,


Courtney said...

Sounds like you have a fun week coming up. I bet the girls are so excited. It is also exciting to think that next Chinese New Year you will have another little one ready to celebrate!