Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I need to vent!

There are RUDE, RUDE people in the world today! I am so sick of people saying that adopting a child is "buying a child"! It makes me sick! If they only knew what we, as adoptive parents, have to go through (all the interviews, endless paper work, phone calls, sleepless nights and so much more) they might think twice about what comes out of their mouths. Last night while watching Driving Force on A&E, Joh Force made a statement to his wife about how Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have to buy babies in order to be happy. Now, I am a HUGE racing fan...of all types of racing and was a fan of this show until I heard that come out of his mouth! It truly upsets me that people feel that we are buying our children (and this isn't the first time that I heard that statement..or had been asked, "how much did you pay for her?" least Mr. Force's statement wasn't said in front of my daughter as others felt the need to ask when she was standing right next to me!)

As I am sitting here typing this, we are still waiting on information to be sent to our agency from our social worker. Something did arrive yesterday from our SW, but it was not what CCAI needed to complete our dossier. So if you are asking if you caught me on a bad day...the answer would be yes!

Sorry...just needed to vent about a few things.....

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Cassie said...

People say the dumbest things! I understand needing to vent. The other day I went to the post office with Ethan and Annelise and the lady ahead of me in line took a look at Annelise and said "Oh, she looks just like a little doll." I get that alot so I just say thanks because I assume people are trying to say something nice. Then she says, "She doesn't even look real." What the heck does that mean? Not REAL! Of course she's real. I could think of absolutely nothing to say, so I just ignored her for the rest of the time we waited (which fortunately was short). It bugs the fire out of me when people objectify my baby girl. She is not a doll...she is a real, live girl with thoughts and feelings and actions to go with them. She is her own person, not some extention of me. My husband thinks that as she grows up people will stop making these kinds of idiotic statements...I hope he's right. But people really ought to take the timeto think before they speak.

Just adding my rant to your vent :)