Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Having an AMAZING and WONDERFUL time....

We are having just an amazing & wonderful time here in Williamsburg! It has been kind-of-crazy the past two days. We never made it to Water Country yesterday...we went back to Busch Gardens and the girls had a blast! Their only requests ride the tea cups (which they both totally loved)...ride the train...and the balloon ride. Francesca wanted so bad to ride the "mary-go-rod" but she fell asleep in her stroller while on our way there, but her favorite was the tea cups. When I went to put Francesca to bed last night, she asked me, "Ma, tea cups more time please!" It broke my heart to tell her that we are going to another park today, but her response was, "Tea Cups there too?" What a kid! (I'll have to get the photos from Owen of us riding the tea cups.)

Today, we are going to Water Country. Amy purchased the girls matching red,white, & blue Stars & Strips we all can't wait to see what everyone has to say about the girls today. I can't tell you how many time we have been stopped and asked if the girls are twins or sisters. Anyway, we are having a great time! Sorry there are no photos from yesterday's events, but I'll be posting them really soon.

*I hope you all enjoy our new music selection. Francesca hand-picked every song. I guess you can say she is already thinking about her next vacation which of course is to Disney!*

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