Sunday, December 9, 2007

Breakfast with Santa!

This past Saturday, we made plans with Grandma, Auntie, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Scott, and little Scotty to have breakfast with Santa at Wegman's. When I first asked Francesca if she wanted to go...she flat out said "NO", but as the date approached, she was really excited about going. Her only request was that she would not sit on his lap. I told her that she didn't have to, unless she wanted to, but I also told her that she did need to be nice to Santa...she needs to say hello and not whine or cry so the other children could enjoy spending time with Santa during his busy season. She was totally on-board with the whole thing.

Saturday morning as we headed to Wegman's, she was just so excited! She kept telling me exactly what she was going to say to Santa when she got her chance with him. Keith & I were still a little nervous, even though she seem so into it...just knowing how Francesca can be. Anyway, we ate our breakfast (which was so yummy!) and waited for Santa. When he arrived, Francesca was very excited to see him. He made his rounds to each table, taking time with each child present. While Santa was making his rounds, I was holding Francesca in my arms...showing her and explaining to her exactly what he was doing (he was not only talking to the other children, but he was handing out candy to them). When he headed to our table, she was a little shy about him coming over to her, but with a little "coaching" she said "Hello" to him and took the candy cane he offered to her. Than without any "coaching" she said to him, "Merry Christmas!". I was shocked! Santa went onto another table as the tears starting rolling down my face! I could not believe this is the same little girl who would scream her head off whenever someone would say hello to her (now she still does do that, but not as much or as bad). After giving her a lot of kisses and hugs...and telling her how proud we all are of her for being so nice to Santa, she asked if she could see him again. I asked her if she wanted to sit on his lap and she said, "NO" while Santa was getting ready to take his seat in the sleigh for some photos, I asked him if he could spare a little time for my daughter so she can tell him what she wants for Christmas (since she will not sit on your lap and of course, he said yes!). Francesca than told him that she would like to have some toys and a flashlight for Christmas. His response to her was that he would do his best to get her want she wants and than he patted her on the head.

Once everyone started lining up for the photo opportunity, Francesca than went to Keith and asked him if she could go see him again. So off in line they went. When it came time to get into Santa's sleigh, Francesca wasn't crazy about the idea, but was willing to go. That only lasted about 1 minute because once she realized what was happening, she put her arms out to Keith and started crying. Once she was removed from the sleigh, she was back to her normal self. As we were putting on our coats to head home, Francesca turned to me and ask, "No more sitting on the sleigh, OK Mommy?" And I told her as long as you don't want to, you don't have to! What a kid!

It is a day I will always remember....

Francesca and Mommy waiting for Santa!
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"Here's my CandyCane from Santa!"
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Sitting in Santa's sleigh...
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one minture later...realizing she was actually sitting in Santa's sleigh...yikes!
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(check out that face!)


Janelle said...

Well, first of all - I am SO jealous about your Wegman's...wish we had one nearby!

And I love teh mother/daughter photo -- you are both gorgeous.

But my favorite photo is where she realizes she's in the sleigh -- LOL! Good times : ))

hey! I looked at your profile - you are not all that *far* from us. we're in PA also -- closer to the Amish.

LaLa said...

Wow...nice sleigh..I love the idea of breakfast with Santa. You both look beautiful!! Oh, and you know I am a meanie from my post...ha ha

sara said...

oh she wasn't getting VERY close!! I love Francesca's pigtails!

Sue said...

What a fun morning for you all! Francesca looks soooo grown up with her hair done in those long piggy tails!!! Where did our little Jiangxi babes go?!

The photo of her screaming is just too funny. Glad she enjoyed her candy cane though!

Colleen said...

I love the mother daughter picture....and the one with Santa is priceless LOL I have a few of my boys crying on Santa's lap. I secretly think those are my favorites LOL I'm a big meanie!

LINDA said...

Rudolph is a great one to have for a favorite and how coincidental that you have all the characters. We used to have McDonalds ones-figurines- all the kids played with them and most of the grandkids. We divided all the mcdonalds toys up between the grandkids. as far as i know, they all still have them and love them!