Friday, December 7, 2007

Guess who stayed up past her bedtime the other night?

You guessed it...Francesca!

As you may know, Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer was on Tuesday night starting at 8PM until 9PM.

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Francesca is usually in bed by 8PM...the latest by 8:30PM, but since she really seems to be into Christmas this year (into all the Christmas shows, all the decorations, and all the festive songs & activities) I thought it was perfectly OK to share a full hour with my daughter, watching Rudolph (and letting her stay up past her bedtime)! We both climbed into my bed and got all cozy under the covers. We each had two pillows to support our heads and layed side by side watching the TV. We had such a blast and she loved it!

When I finally got her to bed at around 9:15PM, all she kept asking me was, "Ma....We do that again...soon...tomorrow?" How beautiful is that! (Luckily, I DVR'd the show, so yes, she can watch it tomorrow as well.)

Here are some photos of her watching Rudolph the following day...she has been requesting to watch it every day since seeing it for the first time Tuesday night! As you may notice, she is playing with the Rudolph characters that were sold a few years back by CVS in celebration with Rudolph's 50th Anniversary. Keith purchased the whole collection back than (running around to almost every CVS store from Virginia to Pennsylvania just to get them all), but seeing how Francesca is loving the fact of playing with all of them was so worth it!

Her favorite ones are Rudolph and Clarice which she was playing with at the moment the photos were taken! She wasn't too crazy with me trying to take her picture while she was watching it. (as you can see from the photos!)

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LaLa said...

come on mama...let me watch already : )

Love that our girls are so into Christmas this year....

sara said...

I love Rudolph! We have all those old movies on TAPE - I will have to get around to getting with the times:=)

Mob said...

What a fun time for mom and daughter! I love the little reindeer.

Janelle said...

We haven't gotten to Rudolph yet this season - but looking forward to him, too. (purchased the DVD holiday set)

Thanks SO much for your kind comment on my blog - you have a nice heart : ))