Sunday, December 2, 2007

I need your help!

I am just so upset!
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As most of you know, my mother-board and hard drive crashed on me some time ago. I had one of Keith's co-workers look at it to see if anything can be saved (all my photos from the past year were on it)...since I didn't back up anything. It was always in "the plan" to do it, but never got around to it. Anyway, from what we were told, there are "people" out there who can get the info off the hard drive, but Keith's co-worker wasn't able to do it. Has this happen to any of you guys out there? I am so upset that words can't even describe how I am feeling. Everything from this past year is gone! If you guys have any advise or if you know where I can get my photos off the crashed hard drive, please let me know! I am willing t pay anything just to have those precious photo saved.

I also have photos saved on, the hosting site to which I post my photos on the blog from, but they are all saved in a low resolution...(saved as "best to fit the web") is there any way I can get them off photobucket and saved in a better resolution or printed from there in the low resolution with them looking good (photobucket does have a service where you can purchase the images that are saved as photos, but will the low resolution affect the photo quality) . I am at a loss here!

(and yes...I learned my lesson...I need to back up my what I save on my hard drive)


Heather said...

Hi Shelly...I'm sorry I can't help you with your computer problem...but I recommend you find some websites/message boards that have discussions about this. They can lead you to the right place to find help.

On another topic...I LOVE your tree topper...where did you get it? I want one!!! :)

That Santa is at the Manassas Mall. He's a local, and I just found out some friends of mine know him, so they're going to see if maybe Leila can get a special visit with him?!?! Leila loves him...I know that a lot of kids are scared of Santa...but one day Francesa will come around.

Maybe one day we'll hook up in Manassas when you're in town!

Janelle said...

does photobucket offer a CD of your photos? would that help or is it still low resolution?


sara said...

What about the Geek Squad?

Mob said...

I can't help either, but we can both cry in our coffee because that happened to me several months ago. My computer was acting funny, freezing up a lot and making extra clicking noises, so I tood it in to be looked at. The guy called me and said the hard drive was gone and they couldn't recover anything. Now me and my flash drives are best friends, I back up everything.